How To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention

Free, user-friendly blogging software has turned the Web into a virtual soapbox. but for everyone from lone individuals to small business owners to chief executives, writing a successful blog is about getting the word out there and actually being seen by people–and that means serving readers, not bombarding them with marketing material.

The most significant way to develop a loyal online following is by creating useful content that readers will consume and share. “When blogging, too many people make the mistake of talking about themselves or their offering,” says Dharmesh Shah, the founder and chief technology officer of the all-in-one marketing software company HubSpot and the author of Inbound Marketing: Get found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs. “That is self-defeating. If your content is overly self-promotional, it is unlikely to spread via social media, and your blog is unlikely to gain an audience. When writing a blog, the key idea is to create content that other people will want to read and spread. Don’t talk about yourself. Talk instead about your industry or area of expertise.”

In Pictures: 10 Ways to Make your Blog Get Real Attention

Determine the purpose of your blog and stick with it. start by defining for yourself what readers you want to serve, and then build a strategy about how to reach them. “Be true to the goals you set out for your blog: are you providing product information?  are you provoking conversation?  are you commenting on trending topics?  all approaches are valid but you need to determine what the value is that you will provide to your audience and continue to deliver that value,” says Mike Merriman, director of strategic consulting at Mzinga, a social services and software firm.  If a blog post isn’t useful or worth sharing, it won’t produce much value for any reader or for the blogger himself.

Leverage social media. Make the most of social media by including “Share” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and StumbleUpon buttons on your blog. “The easier you make it for people to share your content with their network, the more likely they are to do so,” says Shah. “It’s a one-time investment to configure your blog to include these social media buttons–but the dividends pay off forever.”

Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. Get smart about search engine optimization. Identify the key words for searching for a posting’s subject matter, and think about the best way to incorporate those search terms into the title and body of the post.

Shah says that the earlier in any sequence of words those keywords appear, the stronger the signal Google will receive. for example, “Hiring a Patent Attorney: seven things to Look For” will rank better than “Seven things to Look for When Hiring a Patent Attorney,” because the desired keywords, “patent attorney,” come earlier in the sequence. Shah recommends keeping every blog title to under 120 characters, so that readers can easily tweet it.

The single strongest variable in Google rankings is the number and authority of sites that link to a posting. “The more powerful the website that links to you, the stronger the influence on Google, and the better the rankings,” says Shah. The more useful your content is, the greater your chances that other sites will link to it.

Be a part of the conversation, both on your blog and of others in your industry. Drive traffic to other blogs, and respond as much as you can to both negative and positive comments about your own blog. If you allow commenting on your blog, be sure to have the resources to handle negative feedback. If you don’t enable comments, be prepared for the conversation to pop up elsewhere online.

“People are talking about your company or your products whether you like it or not,” Merriman says. “Blogging, as a component of a proactive social business strategy, offers an effective capability for company leaders to engage in the conversations and helps create the opportunity for a vibrant exchange of information and ideas with prospective and existing customers.”

This article is an update of one by Helen Coster that originally ran in 2010.

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Free Traffic and Multiple Income Streams | world profits

Awesome Internet Traffic and Money Making Training

The Hottest Internet Traffic Generating and Money Making System I have Ever Seen?


WARNING - The thoughts expressed here  were my original thoughts which changed 3 months after when I realised this program was sucking up all of my time, energy, bandwidth and money and giving very little back in return for the investment. there are easier and more stable ways to make money and the reality is that this program is not for beginers...  You need to have a spare $100 per month to work it and need to expect to work very hard for 6-12 months before you will get a return.  Also if you decide to drop out during that time its all pretty much waisted..


Well I've been dabbling in internet traffic and money making activities for a LONGGG Time and Its Not Often I get really blown away by anything, I mean jaw dropping Excitement. 
But this week thats exactly what has happened..

It was Saturday night and I was doing some web work and cleaning out my emails, visting a few and clicking some links just browesing around really sorting through some of the hundreds of messages i get daily and I came across this site on  offering free traffic and income training and just happened to stumble in when a live training session was about to begin.
Well I have to say that what I saw and heard simply blew me away!

First of all I thought it was quite an ugly site but there was these 2 people chatting in a live WebCam session and I couldn't believe how many people were logged in and commenting under them.  So my interest was peaked and I decided to stick around and see what was going on. At the time there were about 80 or so people in this chat and according to the site several "thousand" people in other areas. It also claimed that they had over 960,000 members which is a hell of a LOT and I have to say I can see why.

At first I wasnt excited, just intrigued. I thought the fact there was a real live person "monitoring" on the website at all times was a really cool touch. I have never seen anything quite so member orientated. Anyway I was so blown away by the webinar I stumbled into that  I jended up joining as a paid member and have been taking the Bootcamp training for past several days since where I have been learning about using traffic exchanges and safelists to build massive traffic quickly to the domain that I received when I paid my membership and the further I get into it the training and follow the steps the more I am continued to be absoluteley blown away.
If your at all interested in generating MASSIVE and I do mean MASSIVE traffic and referrals and earning money online by creating MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME then you have just got to check this site out.

Here is a link to the domain that I received and they fully set up for me  incomerush/.com
(I broke the link because I dont want to promote it any more since the company gave my domain away whn I didnt renew my membership..)

Which after only one day of being set up and starting the traffic training I googled and guess what, it was already listed with several hundred listings in google.
But getting a fully hosted, setup website with my own domain and traffic PLUS almost instant search engine positioning is nothing compared to all the other cool stuff such as splash pages and "far out man" so many other goodies to help me sell clickbank products and all sorts of "Mind Blowing" life altering stuff. But the best thing is that it fits right in and enhances ANYTHING ELSE you may be doing including  blogging, affiliate marketing, social networking, even MLM because its based around GETTING TRAFFIC and Search engine listings and how to tie everything together nicely so everything enhances everything else..

The main site is actually called World Profits but they dont want you to promote them, everything is geared around promoting your own domain and splash pages and building your own income streams up.

So if your interested in seeing what I am talking about then go to the domain I just gave , You will see a form there that says;

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ou dont have to pay anything to get a TONNE of rewards for FREE, but If you are at all serious about making money I'm pretty sure you will like me be so blown away at the webinar and by the bootcamp training that you will jump in and go for this.
I cant stress enough how much I am loving this site and everything the paid up membership gives, it doesn't happen often that I feel so strongly about something but this really is life changing stuff!

Go now - this could be better than anything else you have ever seen before and please if you have already seen this or are already involved with World Profits please do leave your comments here at my please do tell me what you think about it.

hope to see you there

A very Excited Andrew McMullen!
I'm off to get some more traffic training and build some more Income Streams 🙂

Update December 2011

OK I threw myself into world profit for about 3 months working day and night and have to warn you it is not as easy as made out, it requires a LOT of time and effort before you will see a cent back from any of your efforts. This program can easily suck you dry in both time and energy as well as deplete you of any money you may set aside for your internet money game..    After trying it out for 3 months I can tell you my results are that I am down about $150 per month and have $0 return from following the guides and plans.  Its really the sort of stuff that requires a good year or more of effort to get momentum so if your looking for an internet program to save you NOW then give this a miss..


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