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WARNING - The thoughts expressed here  were my original thoughts which changed 3 months after when I realised this program was sucking up all of my time, energy, bandwidth and money and giving very little back in return for the investment. there are easier and more stable ways to make money and the reality is that this program is not for beginers...  You need to have a spare $100 per month to work it and need to expect to work very hard for 6-12 months before you will get a return.  Also if you decide to drop out during that time its all pretty much waisted..


Well I've been dabbling in internet traffic and money making activities for a LONGGG Time and Its Not Often I get really blown away by anything, I mean jaw dropping Excitement. 
But this week thats exactly what has happened..

It was Saturday night and I was doing some web work and cleaning out my emails, visting a few and clicking some links just browesing around really sorting through some of the hundreds of messages i get daily and I came across this site on  offering free traffic and income training and just happened to stumble in when a live training session was about to begin.
Well I have to say that what I saw and heard simply blew me away!

First of all I thought it was quite an ugly site but there was these 2 people chatting in a live WebCam session and I couldn't believe how many people were logged in and commenting under them.  So my interest was peaked and I decided to stick around and see what was going on. At the time there were about 80 or so people in this chat and according to the site several "thousand" people in other areas. It also claimed that they had over 960,000 members which is a hell of a LOT and I have to say I can see why.

At first I wasnt excited, just intrigued. I thought the fact there was a real live person "monitoring" on the website at all times was a really cool touch. I have never seen anything quite so member orientated. Anyway I was so blown away by the webinar I stumbled into that  I jended up joining as a paid member and have been taking the Bootcamp training for past several days since where I have been learning about using traffic exchanges and safelists to build massive traffic quickly to the domain that I received when I paid my membership and the further I get into it the training and follow the steps the more I am continued to be absoluteley blown away.
If your at all interested in generating MASSIVE and I do mean MASSIVE traffic and referrals and earning money online by creating MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME then you have just got to check this site out.

Here is a link to the domain that I received and they fully set up for me  incomerush/.com
(I broke the link because I dont want to promote it any more since the company gave my domain away whn I didnt renew my membership..)

Which after only one day of being set up and starting the traffic training I googled and guess what, it was already listed with several hundred listings in google.
But getting a fully hosted, setup website with my own domain and traffic PLUS almost instant search engine positioning is nothing compared to all the other cool stuff such as splash pages and "far out man" so many other goodies to help me sell clickbank products and all sorts of "Mind Blowing" life altering stuff. But the best thing is that it fits right in and enhances ANYTHING ELSE you may be doing including  blogging, affiliate marketing, social networking, even MLM because its based around GETTING TRAFFIC and Search engine listings and how to tie everything together nicely so everything enhances everything else..

The main site is actually called World Profits but they dont want you to promote them, everything is geared around promoting your own domain and splash pages and building your own income streams up.

So if your interested in seeing what I am talking about then go to the domain I just gave , You will see a form there that says;

"LIMITED TIME OFFER - 250,000 Advertising Credits Absolutely - FREE Traffic!"

50,000 Visitors to Your Site!
40,000 FREE Safelist Email Credits!
10,000 Traffic Exchange Credits!
25,000 Advertising Views for YOUR Website!
75,000 Banner Exposures!
Secrets To DOMINATING Google's First Page!

 Get ALL 250,000 by becoming a MEMBER -- FREE!

Sign up here now! It will take you 10 seconds!
We will then show you how to get your FREE Traffic!

Just enter your details  on the form provided and then become a FREE associate member so you can  attend the next live webcast which I think is on Saturday..

ou dont have to pay anything to get a TONNE of rewards for FREE, but If you are at all serious about making money I'm pretty sure you will like me be so blown away at the webinar and by the bootcamp training that you will jump in and go for this.
I cant stress enough how much I am loving this site and everything the paid up membership gives, it doesn't happen often that I feel so strongly about something but this really is life changing stuff!

Go now - this could be better than anything else you have ever seen before and please if you have already seen this or are already involved with World Profits please do leave your comments here at my please do tell me what you think about it.

hope to see you there

A very Excited Andrew McMullen!
I'm off to get some more traffic training and build some more Income Streams 🙂

Update December 2011

OK I threw myself into world profit for about 3 months working day and night and have to warn you it is not as easy as made out, it requires a LOT of time and effort before you will see a cent back from any of your efforts. This program can easily suck you dry in both time and energy as well as deplete you of any money you may set aside for your internet money game..    After trying it out for 3 months I can tell you my results are that I am down about $150 per month and have $0 return from following the guides and plans.  Its really the sort of stuff that requires a good year or more of effort to get momentum so if your looking for an internet program to save you NOW then give this a miss..


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21 Hot Bots to Automate your Money Making

In no particular Order:

Money Making Bots
I have compiled a list of the current most Popular Internet Marketing Software Bots and Automation Programs here.


1)Steve Iser's Commission Crusher Its an amazing video that Steve has done for this product, yeah its big on hype but the actual bot software is ok but there are many better ones. The price is so damn cheap for what it is, there's no reason NOT to grab this bot software and put it through its paces, over hyped or not.

2) Profit Monarch
Profit Monarch 3 in1 Software Suite By Paul Ponna, Claims to be The World's First Complete Affiliate Marketing Automation Software Suite. Whether that is true or not its still worth grabbing the trial and giving it a test
to see if it suites your needs or not. You can Grab this bot for the silly price of Just $1!!
Use it, try it and if you don't like it done subscribe, Its Crazy I know, but its true ONE BUCK - go see for yourself!

03) Article Marketing Robot
automate your article writing and posting - no excuses with this software  bot as you can get a totally free trial.

04) Google Sniper 2.0
 George Brown Returns With His *Infamous*Zero Traffic Blueprint..

The No Traffic... Monster

Google Sniper was actually a really cool automation bot and if you have used it you will know what I mean, this guy is back with an even better version than the last...!
If your not trying out these programs yourself you have no idea what your missing out on!

05) AutoClick Profits
Another  Hot clickbank product, I am assuming its a link building or article/web 2.0 automation software bot but must admit that I have not purchased it yet. I will though because I want to know what it is 😉

06) Instant Cash Empire
Ice is on Fire! oh my good, can you believe these stories, I don't really lol  Actually I am suprised that half these video sales sites get approved by clickbank, isnt there laws about making bold claims?
Anyway, that aside if your at all familiar with Internet Marketing you know not to get sucked in by claims and hype and can look past it all, its just the marketing angle so if your intrigued give the software a try, as you can always get a refund if you don't like any item that is sold through clickbank because they are all covered by a 100% no questions asked 60 DAY Money Back Guarantees.

07) Free Mass Traffic

Not a bad tool and the course material is also not too bad but when I purchased this I got really annoyed with the pressure upselling for the extra courses and addons and so on, beware
the upsell's! I also found that the software bot was not as easy to use or as comprehensive as its made out to be. Its not bad but not up to par with many others available.

08 ) Free Money Formula

You can get hold of this bot software and extra training material at the moment for just $27

Phillip Mansour is famous in certain internet marketing circles and now you know why, he uses automated software bots to do the work for him! Unique traffic software handcrafted by real 6 figure/month affiliate.
I love the sales page for this, great video! The sales process is also straight forward, there is a couple of upsells for extra special training but nothing that detracts from your purchase. The software itself and the members area where you download it are nice and straight forward. Some great videos await you in the members area which walk you through using the software, which is actually a great tool.
Good product!
Good Support,
Great Bot
Great Price, Good extra material. Love it!

09) Instant Empire
Instant Empire Similar name of Instant Cash Empire, but is it the same product?. I haven't purchased this one so I couldn't tell you but it is a hot selling clickbank product at the moment.

10) Rapid Profit Formula
This is the 'real deal', no scam garbage, your traffic will love you for it and fill your account with cash says the marketing pitch for this bot software and training but to know for sure it needs a test. I havent tried this yet but will get around to it.

11) Auto Traffic Xploit
launched on February 28th 2011. This is another Hot Selling  Clickbank Product, Must have a lot of JVs with good lists as this bot was seen a lot during its launch. Does it stand up to the Hype? I havent purchased it so will have to get back to this one later.

12) Instant Online PayCheck 
Amazing Cash Generating Script Pulls in Massive Traffic On Autopilot! yeah, yeah, ok I put this one on the list too, some actual information of exactly what you are being sold would be nice, I want to see it in use, wheres the screenshots and videos... This marketing bot s goes on my to do list..

13) Income Infuser
Now this product looks good,  This bot software Automates the setup of a computer  internet marketing website with everything done for you, It doesn't mention if theres a bot to  drives its own traffic but just the site itself looks to be well worth the cost. It seems to include a massive amount of features and Income Infuser does actually gets some of the best reviews online and according to them they have one of the Lowest Refund Rates Ever Seen in the IM Niche. looks nice, I will definately be giving this a trial run.

14) Auto Traffic Tycoon

A Totally Game-Changing Product, Affiliates are Cashing In Big With the traffic they send to their offers using this powerful software bot tool. Well ok the pitch is strong but does it deliver? You can grab this one for $37, just leave the page when you get there and a popup will make an offer and tell you to click cancel to stay, click it and you will get offered the product for $37 dollars. bargain if its all true lol

15) Auto Click Profits 
Another Internet marketing Auto Bot program outselling almost everything else in the Clickbank Market Place.Worth a look.

15) Wealth In a Box
This another one that has a compeling sales message, its a bot program for generating clickbank commissions that has done really well and continues to get sales which means its worth a look, again the price is so low there is no reason not to check it out.


Automate your link building, that what this great bot and  membership facilities provided, you can post articles to their network and they get syndicated or get articles for your site or let the bot re-publish and mass send it out for you.

17) SeNuke
senuke has been around for years and Iis the grand daddy of internet marketing bots. I have used it but do  think  it is  too expensive for most people. You can download and use the unlimited trial for 7days so its worth a look, its does a lot more and is quite a bit more complex than many of the others auto posting software around but if you take the time with it you can do some mighty powerful mass joining of web 2.0, forum, article, blog sites and then get posting to them with. Its a little more then 7 or 12 clicks of your mouse like some of the other softwares say but once you have set it up, joined all the sites, checked them and are ready to post it is from then on just a few clicks to spin articles and post them out
to hundreds of site at one for some super mass marketing.

18) Magic Submitter
This is an awesome and very flexible product made up  of several bots, check out the videos on the website too so you can see what I mean. the great thing with this auto poster is that you can add your own sites and urls in as you go. You can also trial this for just a few bucks.

19) MassMoneyMakers

- this is a complete system including an money making course and the automated submission software bots but its another one of those items that bugged me to hell during my purchase as they are always trying to sell you more, more more.
I personally hate anything that goes for 2,3,4 or even 5 different upsells during your first the course of your initial purchase. I dont see why these guys cant let you get just what you are there for and then aproach you about other products or upgrades after you get logged in or setup whichever the case may be. It actually turns me off the software I just purchased because it makes it seem as if what you have just purchased is no
good and you need more, If it can't do whatever it is they are selling it for then just package the other stuff up with it and sell it for more, I hate the upsel, upsell, upsell tactics and now its a piece of software sitting in my start menu that I think I have opened twice, I will probably get a refund, When will these guys learn.

20 Miracle Traffic Bot
This web 2.0 auto bot submitter - is easy and straight forward to use. it doesnt have the auto signup features so that lets it down a bit because you have to join each of the accounts it posts too yourself unless you already have accounts set up but once its ready you can automatically post stuff to the various sites it submits too.21) Limitless Profits
this is a new one for 2012 - that looks to take the stuff that the others do to a different level. It offers training videos and works to promote a range of affiliate products and services for you. Consists of a series of bots and training to use them.

So thats a list of 21 Hot  Bots!
Read up on the Internet Secret that is changing the world here


More Cool Tools, Not Bots But Awesome Just the Same!

A security bot tool for managing your personal info and form filling. Robo Form is the top tool for automatic logins, auto form filling and more. In fact roboform is also a must have password protection tool, has a super cool safenotes feature and protects you from keyloggers, check it out this is a must have.

Carp Evolution
RSS feed integration tool, this is not a bot but it does enable you to grab any rss feed and alter it, format it, and then add it to any html or php page.

Schedular Pro powerful scheduling software for windows, create your own  bot scripts to do pretty much anything on your PC launch any program and do your bidding. With this software you can start up any of your other robots and automate pretty much anything you can imagine.

Bots For Your WordPress Blogs

As if wordpress wasn't powerful enough already without it for internet marketing but the real power of wordpress can be unlocked and unleashed with some of the super automating plugins and support programs available. In fact you can set up wordpress blogs that are all most 100% self running, they will gather content, re-write content, add in affiliate products, link to related blogs, ping rss services, syndicate themselves out to other locations and so much more its turely amazing what you can do. In fact once you have a blog that is a winning money maker you can mass duplicate it to as many more domains, hosting accounts and more for just continious incredible income growth...

These things can be just like growing plants, trees or shrubs, you plant some seeds, some might not take off but a few will grow really well and when you get a really good one you can take a cutting from it and clone it then plant more of them to get the same exact quality. Well you can do exactly that with your wordpress blogs.

There are hundreds of plugins available for free as well as hundreds of awesome even more powerful premium paid plugins and themes that will automate all manner of things in wordpress from content gathering to mass
syndication to automatic SEO, article post spinning, and more.. here are just a few of the types of plugins that will make your wordpress management more automated.

Auto Blog Samurai

This desktop blog posting tool-is great for gathering up articles  from ezine articles, amazon and also clickbank products for you which you can then modify however you like, add images, add youtube videos etc

Then simply click a button and post as many articles as you want up it your hosted wordpress or Blogger blog it can also transalate pages into another langauge which is a cool feature. Pages can be sent to your blogs pre scheduled so you can do as many as you like and you can manage as many as you want with it. Great little tool that does its job perfectly.

Notorious Blog Poster
Another automatic Blog Posting software that will do all the work for you. This auto blog poster is for generating content and of course lets you add your own sites, it understands spin tags and you can modify content with your own links and adsense etc to the posts it creates.
Costs $97 : Not a robot but this does make short work of cloning wordpress sites and is a mighty nice tool for wordpress bloggers to have in their kit. Create complete and totally exact clones of any wordpress site
for quick redeployment. WPtwin lets you quickly make an exact duplicate of your entire wordpress site and save them to your hard drive which is a totally awesome way to do a backup or get your site up and
running when moving to another server or hosting provider. Its also a fantastic way of creating wordpress niche template sites ready for quick deployment. redoployment takes mere seconds.
An example of what you can do with wptwin: Because you use it in a browser you can create a simple macro within firefox using the free imacros plugin to clone an entire blog in seconds and have it set up a new WP
instalation  in any domains cpanel that you have access too, then have it upload and deploy the clone file which really does setup even a large WP site in seconds. That way you can instantly duplicate a successful blog to a new server or hosting account and have it ready in less than 45 seconds. Then just login and change whatever you need to change to make it unique. This is powerful stuff! I love wptwin!

Some of the Hot Premium Plugins
I use on my WordPress Blogs for Automation

|$47 single site or $97 multisite licence, A wp plugin to automatically ensure good SEO of all your posts, will magically bold, underline and italic keywords on the entire sites, Gives sugestions as you create posts. Read Review

This WordPress social networking plugin will automatically send your posts and excerpts out to various social networking sites and blogging platforms every time you make a post in your wordpress blog.

costs $47 - a complete course on traffic generation and the pretty cool plugin to automate content on your wordpress blog with integrated traffic generation.

WP Tweet Bomb
use on 3 blogs | $297 use on 300 blogs | $997 use on 3000 blogs
this is a quite brilliant powerful autoblogging tool but where it comes into its own is in the auto tweeting area and the built in contextual  affiliate integration for clickbank, and commission junction. you can have it auto tweet posts to multiple twitter accounts. Really powerful but a bit hard to get setup correctly, they are working on it all the time though and it improves with each update. The attention from support is top  notch.



You can also create your own software bots and macros to automate practiclly anything, your only limitation is your own imagination..
For creating macros to run in Firefox that will do anything that you can do in your browser for you automatically you should check out the free imacros plugin.
There is a full blown programme as well as the free plugin which can be purchased and does a hell of a lot more than the firefox plugin. Check out the Imacros website here.
The Holy Grail of Bot Creation!

Get Ubot Studio Now

I do beleive I have also found the source of where all the above automated software applications are coming from and the reason there are suddenly so many of them. There is an absolutely AWESOME bot creation software available for around $250 but theres also free coupons floating around for big discounts, that fee is a one time fee and entitles you to lifetime membership and use plus you get 1 year pof free updates and support. After the year is up you can keep getting basic support of course but for premium support and updates it will cost you all of $5 per month... Absolutely NOTHING if your making bots that are generating incomes for you.

To create your own magic bots this software has a super slick easy to use graphical interface that requires no programming skills, in fact I was able to create a quick basic bot in about 10 minutes after I downloaded it.
However if you do have a basic understanding of php or other common programming languages then you will find this tool incredibly powerful and easy to use and you will be able to do a lot more with it than those that dont. In the hands of a good programmer there is no end to what you could create.

Now the real beauty of ubot is that you can create your bots and save them as stand alone applications which you can then distribute, give away or sell, they are your programmes and o I do beleive this is the source of where many of the above bots taking over Clickbank are coming from. Ubot , its totally awesome!

Ubot Studio

I negotiated a Special deal so you can get a $50 Discount
on Ubot Studio!

Just use the coupon code: gamezbiz and
get Ubot Studio for $199 Thats a lifetime purchase that allows you to MAKE YOUR OWN BOTS!

WIth your coupon code in hand go and Get UBOT from THIS LINK:


Free Ubot Auto Bots Downloads Free
Bots To Download Right Now

There are several free bots available to download if you hunt around for them, esepecially ones  made with ubot that people have created and released just because they can. You can search in various forums
or use google to find them but I have a few links for you below to go and grab a couple of cool ones right now. Many times they will also provide you with the ubot source code which means that if you own ubot studio then you can modify those existing bots, change, enhance or add to them. here are some freebies that I found for you.

Download Free

Ezinearticle to WordPress Bot
| YahooEmail Activation Link Clicker Bot  | FreeYellowPages Scraper | FreeBlog Syndication Bot


Here is a great forum for finding free bots and other secret stuff:
you can join and add me as your referrer if you want ( username: demonstoned )

Learn The Secret that Internet Marketers Dont Want You To Know