The Biggest Secret In Internet Marketing Revealed FREE!

The Biggest Secret In Internet Marketing Revealed FREE!

The Lies and deceptions end Here. Stop Waisting Your Time!

There has been a MASSIVE SECRET kept from you for many years now. Like me you probably thought all this time that internet marketing was all about putting in lots of hours on your computer and if you have done any of what the gurus have been telling you to do then you would have been pretty darn busy doing a lot of repetitive things like creating and managing accounts at various locations, domain registrars, email accounts, social networks, article sites, affiliate programs, search engines, forums, blogs, traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, etc etc and then busy writing articles, building backlinks, uploading files, writing profiles, clicking verification links and logging in and out of different accounts to link them up, then checking various statistics etc etc

What would you say if I told you that you have been waisting your time and would have been better off just getting a "real Job" ?

Even if your quite successful by now after years of determination, all nighters and long hours at your keyboard all of your internet marketing exploits have been a massive waist of time. The worst part is that because you might have made a bit of money and its now providing you a living your probably quite happy to continue doing what you've been doing and putting in the long hours because you feel the reward makes it worth it. But I still say you WRONG - Your Wasting Your Time! That is unless you already know the real secret. The truth behind those jet setting internet entrepreneurs who seem to always have the most awesome sales site, using the best graphics videos with awesome sales copy and absolutely massive amounts of visitors at their sites and top listings in search engines...

Well I have totally had an "ah ha moment " and finally realised what I have been doing wrong and what 99% of all affiliate and internet marketers, in fact what every single person on the planet who has a website and has been struggling to get traffic and make money has been doing wrong and in about 10 seconds or so when you think about what I am about to tell you your probably going to have the same AH HA realisation !

Don't get me wrong I have been doing the exact same things as most other people online and that's why after my AH HA moment sunk in I totally understood just how much time we are talking about that has been massively wasted. Seriously, I don't know about you but if I add up all the hours I have spent online researching, joining, posting, and working quite damn hard to get some commissions and incomes flowing online then worked out how much money you have made taking out how much money you have spent on products, ebooks, memberships ect and then calculated what you would have averaged on a per hour basis for your investments of time and money then you would most likely keep it a shameful secret from everyone, especially your close family members who probably keep telling you to give it up and get a real job if your not actually making any money yet. But even if you are making a lot of money and don't have to work for a boss you would most likely still admit it has taken you a lot of time and effort to get there.

Let me explain this for you... in the simplest terms possible

The big guys, the ones making the real money, they never worked that hard, they don't spend all those hours slogging away like you and me, in fact they laugh at people like us as we hand them our money.

Its funny how often we miss the most obvious things and then one day go Oh Yeah, duh .....
After my AH HA moment where I realised the obvious truth and the gravity of it I smacked myself fairly damn hard on the forehead and yelled out OF COURSE YOU IDIOT!!

So here it is,
The big secret that nobody seems to get accept those high flying Internet Marketing  "lucky guys"

Are you ready for it,

here it comes....

they don't do all that work on their computers,
they use their computers to do all that work...

Now think about that and say it out loud and let it sink in, then let me elaborate...

They don't sit at their computers logging in, logging out, uploading, downloading, etc they use programs, which do all of those things automatically, software programs can do ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN DO, IF it can be done with a keyboard and mouse then it can be done by software!
The good automation software or " bots" are smart, they think on the fly, they react to different situations and variable and software can do ALL OF IT!
All those things that you and me do by hand they have little Bots and App's for it...

The High Flying Rich Entrepreneurs have software selling stuff for them, promoting affiliate programs and doing every single step from signing up to sites to collecting the payments And I do mean ALL OF IT, every mundane task is handled by their computer NOT BY THEM..


Doesn't it seem simple? and obvious?
I mean really how dumb are we to be slaving at our computers while the smart internet marketing guys are using computers as their slaves?

If your signed up to any GURU List then by now you would have seen some hints because the cat is out of the bag, I mean just take a look at what is coming into your inbox lately and check out the list of items I have further down the page.

There is a new wave of automated bot software hitting the net at the moment, because people are really starting to work it out and these things are HOT, HOT, HOT.
In fact clickbank is swamped with them, As I write this (march 2011) Something like 15 of the top 20 items by gravity available on clickbank are all some sort of bot software. What I mean by bot products is they are software tools that automatically do things such as mass backlink generating or mass article posting or mass article spinning etc. These applications are just getting better and better and almost daily somebody is coming up with something that is better than the hottest item of just a few days earlier which really says something about where things are heading. Obviously the more automated you can have things the quicker it is to get stuff done which not only frees up your time but also means much faster results.

Do they work? , the answer to that is a resounding YES, you bet your ass they do!
The good ones anyway, there is a lot of crap out there because more people are getting into the act of making different kinds of bots and then selling them so it can be a bit hard to find the real good software bots available but surely its obvious that computers can and should be doing all of the heavy lifting so its really worth the search. But you still have to be a but cautious because as you know as a website owner or affiliate marketer just because something sounds good as has a great marketing pitch, video or sales site and it seems like everybody is buying it doesn't mean that its the best product so even though there are some great software bots available its best not to get caught up in the hype because there is always something better somewhere that you haven't heard about yet. Those winning software tools that do the best jobs of actual neat and easy automation really don't need too much hype because the proof is in the using of them.

So with so many new "secret" bot programs being flogged at the moment it really is an interesting time especially with all the programmers reverse engineering each other and then producing something better than the last guy but that's great news for the lazy internet marketer or total newbie marketer who really cant be bothered with all the hard work and just wants a simple program they can run which will do the work for them.

The downside is that as more and more of these bots are being created and released online it will be very interesting to see how the article sites which can handle masses of internet marketers using auto bot submitters on them. I can see a lot of bot spun crap quality articles getting pumped out there as a result and search engines like google and the article sites and ezines, press release sites, directories etc etc will all be taking an increasingly heavy pounding as more people get their hands on these apps and tools.

Especially since the average price of a software bot is somewhere around $50 or less. More for the really powerful ones but the point is they are so cheap and accessible to everyone and anyone that eventually the sites getting mass posted too are going to have to adjust in order to combat it all. On the other hand programmers and bot creators aren't going to ever give up, they will always be improving their software and making it smarter, faster and more efficient and their will always be those guys with the real powerful software laughing at the rest of us and raking in the dough without having to lift a finger.

Man has always created tools to be more productive and to make life easier and there is nothing wrong with using software to make internet marketing easier so my advice would be that if your not using bot software to help you then you are wasting a lot of your precious time and should consider using a few of these software tools to automate the mundane repetitive tasks and therefore make your internet marketing life easier and more productive.It isn't all black hat trick the search engines types of software I'm talking about either its automating the things you would otherwise do yourself and letting your computer do the work instead of you. By automating tasks you would otherwise do by hand, its just smart.

Of course you have to be careful not too break rules as you go and want to choose good software. Personally I am not a fan of article spinning and posting mass rehashed crap out to every site that will accept it as Its just a very poor contribution to the internet but if your sending out quality information to a mass number of sits, or having your computer instantly build and link up hundreds of websites at once or post your video to every video sharing site at once then again I say that's what computers are supposed to do. Do it fast and speed up your path to internet and affiliate marketing success. Automate EVERYTHING!

I have purchased several software bots and trialing them out in my search for the perfect level of automation and even purchased some programs for making my own bots and macros which is fine if your interested in making your own custom bots because there are tools to do it but on the other hand if you don't know a thing about programming then why bother trying to learn it when you can get your hands on software that does most of what you do yourself for as little as 20 or 30 bucks! you might need to purchase a few to cover all of the tasks you do but hey once you start looking at some of these automation tools and suites of tools you will be kicking yourself!

Knowing this information anybody would have to be crazy to keep doing things manually and the hard way when you can automate absolutely an internet task you can think of. If you don't believe it just check them out for curiosity, I mean why not purchase a few software bots since they are so cheap and when you can get results 100 times the results 100 times faster than you would without them you will be freaking out that you didn't start using them 5 years ago. The fact is these kinds of tools have been around for a LONG time but for some reason its been kept a big secret from the masses or swept under the banner of black hat and only used by the "elite internet  marketers" but that's just crap, Computers are meant to do the work for you!

Even If your really strapped for Cash you can find yourself some cheap automation bots, in fact I you can find them for free if you look hard enough so I say do it! Get your computer to work for instead of working on your computer and start generating real traffic and letting software make money for you and then you wont be so strapped for cash . I2 handy bot programs I can suggest straight away which are super cheap are a product called "article marketing robot" and another called profit monarch which are really worth a try . Why? because article marketing robot you can trial for free for 5 days and you can get profit monarch for just $1 freaking dollar! lol

Some of the bots I have downloaded for free include a Yahoo Activation Bot, which can log into yahoo mail and go check for activation emails then automatically activate them, so if you just spent the day (or had a bot do it for you) then you can grab that free bot and have it automatically activate all your signup accounts for you, Another loads up google and does a search for a term and "scrapes" to find all of the actual search terms that real people use and then saves a the list to your hard drive, another will grab an article and then visit and post it to unlimited number of wordpress blogs. I mean there are bots for every task imaginable from scheduled logging into paypal and transferring funds from one place to another, to getting an article and spinning it into 10 articles then posting it to 100 or 1000 article sites, then getting another article and repeating that action. Just think about the possibilities...

I have listed 21 hot bots below and if you want those free bots I mentioned and more then check out each one because they give them away on their sites..

Check out the 21 Hot Bots Here

try these software bots out, you will never look back!..