Your Questions About Internet Money Games

Michael asks…

How do online internet games earn money?

How do internet games earn money except through prepaid cards, online shops, merchandise?

(Need urgent help)

Demonstoned answers:

By paid advertisements  from other companies that are shown through the game or website and/or in game purchases such as special items,upgrades etc

Donald asks…

Can you still make money from an internet games?

I wrote a an on line backgammon game and am currently writing an on line chess game that allows anyone on line to play against each other in a rated environment. Since yahoo and many others have free versions of these games can I still make money some how hosting and maintaining the game?

Demonstoned answers:

Yes Indeed you can make money with internet games
You already have a good skillset and the knowledge to start your making money online plan. Here are some options for your reference
1. To work as a freelancer for an online game company.
2. To create sites for your games and start making money with advertisements and/or selling your games online or subscriptions to play your games.
You can find some useful resources to get going even on the tighest budget like free webhosting or some other making money features that adds value to your existing one.
Browse around our website and you will find many useful references

Daniel asks…

How do I get a little money on the internet for games?

I'm playing dragonfable now and I heard I can earn a lil money on the internet if I create a paypal account and do some surveys, can anyone provide a site for me to do that and give me a short tutorial on how to use it? Thanks in advance.

Demonstoned answers:

I havent used many of those services really, not for years anyway as I found they actually take up so much time that you end up working long hours for peanuts to actually earn anything worth mentioning,  personally I think the best way to get started earning money online is to find something your good at and then charge people for it.  is a great start, is another good place to kick off a small income. Visiting those services and looking at what other people are doing should help spark your own mind,
Hope it helps,

Ken asks…

I need an easy way to make $500- $1000 at age 13!!! Not allowed to use internet game/money sites?

Ok i need $500- $1000 for a new bmx bike and i want to earn the money, fast and quick. I can't use any internet sites to earn money so i need as many answers as possible. Plz help!!!

Demonstoned answers:

The first thing I would suggest is get your parents to help you set up an ebay account and look around all of your old toys for anything you dont want or use anymore and sell them on ebay.
You can also list items in local classified sites, a quick search on google will turn these up for you.

Sharon asks…

Is it possible to make money selling electronic games on the internet ?

I have knowledge using Flash 8 and (.html) and I'm wondering if it is possible to design and sell a game using these ?

Would any one even bother to purchase a game created in this way ?

Demonstoned answers:

Yes, ebay or are good places to start
you can also sell stuff on but amazon and ebay are problably the best and quickest to get started with straight away.

Carol asks…

I want to buy a license allowing me to publish games on the internet. Where can I buy it, and how much money?

I want to buy a license allowing me to publish games on the internet. Where can I buy it, and how much money?

Demonstoned answers:

Honestly you can publish the game online for free as long as it is your original work,
you simply need to place your own copyright details in the game and you can use a service such as clickbank or even
look for a service with a good affiliate system and lots of willing people to help gain an army of affiliates to promote your game for you.


Mandy asks…

Do online internet browser games cost a lot of money to play in actual download time while you are playing?

I have recently been playing an online game that is free and required no download to play. It is a strategy game that runs on real time and you interact with other players around the world. I was just wondering though whether while you are playing the game it chews up lots of download time.
Thanks. 🙂

Demonstoned answers:

It depends on what type of plan you are on and the particular game that your playing.
If you have an unmeterred internet plan then you dont have to be concerned about it but if you pay for excess bandwidth then check out the information on your game.
If it is graphicaly intense or includes  video and/or  animation then its going to be quite a lot of bandwidth used however a simple text based rts may use very little.
Check with your games help section for more info and feel free to ask their support if your unsure how much bandwidth the game will use.

Laura asks…

What are some really good free virtuality games that dont need fast internet or money?


Demonstoned answers:,,,,, search free online virtual games on the internet =]
also go on this website:

Betty asks…

Is there anywhere on the Internet you can win real money for playing games?

I already know about King. Are there any more?

Demonstoned answers:

The internet is littered with gambling sites.

However you are more likely to loose money.