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The Internet marketing community is a fascinating one to observe as both and insider and outsider. I consider myself an insider as online marketing is the industry I work in. I consider myself an outsider however as I don't buy into a lot of the hype and bad information there seems to be out there. There are so many Internet marketers out there that are desperately trying to make money online by running round like a headless chicken trying to be a jack-of-all trades. The real secret to running a successful business online is to select one niche, choose one business model and work on it endlessly until it is the success that you want it to be. This article is going to look at the importance of getting good at one thing.

At some point, information marketers jumped onto this idea of "niche marketing" and they sold thousands of books and courses off the back of this powerful idea. The notion that you can have projects/websites in several niches that will all pull an incredible amount of money in for you with you almost having a totally "hands-free" experience at running your business. It's a powerful and interesting idea, but it's often misinterpreted and let's look at what goes wrong for many of the marketers who attempt this style of "niche marketing".

The first thing that goes wrong is that a lot of the new marketers and newcomers immediately take this advice and try running several websites all at once, and thus pay no real attention to any of them. They fail quickly, get bored quickly, don't go back to it and write if off as a failed method or an out-dated technique. These same people are the same people one can frequently see on forums complaining about bad advice in information products.

If said person had looked at this as a business model/idea from the outset and not a "get rich quick scheme" they would have achieved so much more with their time and energies. They would have focused on one thing at a time. They would have got good at doing just one thing, and once that made them enough money, they would have moved onto to get good at doing other things. They would have created several valuable projects and be a lot better off for it. Do either of these attitudes or habits sound familiar to you in any way?

Lack of focus is one of the biggest killers for people's online businesses. Getting good at one thing and focussing in on business objectives is one of the most important disciplines to nurture when setting up a business online or offline. To find out why some people succeed where seemingly smarter people totally fail, then check out this article from an online entrepreneur who exposes the reality of the earn money online dream.

Author: Alex Brookes
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