Internet Marketing – Can a Beginner Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing - it sounded like the answer to my problems! By definition, as quoted from Wikipedia - "Affiliate Marketing is a web-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts."

My problem was no money and no product of my own that I could sell. When I came across the term "Affiliate Marketing" it sounded too good to be true! Basically, I would advertise a merchant's goods and, if a sale occurred, they would pay me a percentage of the sale.

As a beginner, I thought I could do this. My strategy was to set up a Web page, write a really terrific page to advertise the product and provide a link to the merchant's page. The theory was that people would read my page, be enthused, and then would happily "click" on the link to the merchant's page and purchase the product. Once that occurred, I would have an income and Eureka - Marketing on the Internet as an Affiliate would solve my financial problems!

The theory was correct. The problem was that people did not visit my Web page. No visitors equals no clicks on the merchant's link, equals no sales equals no money for me. Needless to say, it was disheartening. Lots of time and effort invested with no results and the proverbial wolf at the door creeping ever closer.

So the big question became - how do I attract people to my Web site, get them to "click" on the link to the merchant's page and have them actually purchase the advertised product?

Obviously, I was lacking information. Other people were becoming wealthy as Affiliate Marketers while I was still a pauper. My conclusion - I had fumbled around enough on my own; I needed to "Take a Course"!

I scoured the Internet, looking for a course that was within my measly budget and had concrete, factual, informative guidelines on how to actually market as an Affiliate.

I eventually did find a course. It was an eye-opener.

The most important lesson I learned was that knowledge about Keywords is imperative. Keywords are the "key" (no pun intended) to having your Web page included when a "search" for a topic is done. Knowing what people are searching for on the Internet and how they are entering their search criteria gives you the clues as to the vocabulary that must be present on your Web page, in your anchor text, in your titles, and the list goes on. With the right vocabulary, the search engines will find your page and "serve it up" to the seeker.

To answer the question, "Can a beginner Make Money with Affiliate Marketing" - the answer is YES provided that you have taken the time to learn how to get visitors to your Web page and to get them to "click" on the merchant's link. There is a learning curve but it can be profitable.

For further information on a great course that not only covers Affiliate Marketing but also provides great information on the actual, nitty-gritty of Internet Marketing visit At this site, you'll also learn about some deadly scam products to stay away from.

Karla Rabien is a self-employed business owner and a fledgling Internet Marketer.

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