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Virtual money these days is no longer confined to the virtual world. Some of them now have their monetary equivalent in the money we normally use in the real world. Well, "normal" is a relative word here since most people still use one form of virtual money (a.k.a. PayPal money or e-bank money) to buy very real products or services without having the need to convert the virtual money to actual cash.

However, what most people do not know yet is that you can generate income by actually making virtual money. Sounds impossible? If this was proposed to you ten years ago, it might still sound improbable; but here are novel ways to earn, making money online.

1. Log on to game sites that need virtual money which can be converted to currency that can be deposited in e-banks.

Gaming site like Zwinky utilizes very real money to buy into some aspects of the game, but does not convert it back to re-usable money beyond that virtual world.

On the other hand, gaming site Second Life can create transactions that utilizes Lindberg money (the currency used in the game) which has monetary equivalence in most e-bank. A word of caution, though; it may take a pretty long time before you can start earning money this way.

Basically, you need to set up a virtual identity, and virtual money earning business as well. So unless you dedicate most of your time in Second Life, you better not quit your 9-to-5 job just yet. However, when you have things settled in your virtual world, your earning potential is equivalent to the time you dedicate to your virtual business.

2. Gold farming on WoW or selling virtual goods to other gamers.

Online gaming communities are still very much at odds with each other over the issue of gold farming in the World of Warcraft. Gold farming basically constitutes playing the game on an almost 24/7 level, and selling the gold you accumulate by putting it up on e-Bay. Regular players of the game usually can get the needed game currency by repetitive actions like "mining for gold."

But these take a long time (and we mean 100++ hours long.) Naturally, the more gold you have, the better equipments, tools and armor you can buy for the playing character in the game. Depending on the going rate in e-Bay or other sites that trade off services, a gold farmer can earn as much as $100 a month.

There is also a growing trend among other "farmers" to sell virtual goods or currencies to legit gamers in other online games. Mostly, the trade-off is for virtual currencies only. However, if the gamer is willing to shell out more dough, the "farmer" can create playable characters with top level skills and armory.

Again, this type of work would entail lots and lots of man hours in front of the computer; not to mention an active e-Bay account and a serviceable PayPal account. If gaming is not particularly your thing, you may want to seek other job opportunities at the classified ads of your local newspaper.

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    If you want to make money from boxing, I suggest you *don't* follow in the footsteps of Lennox Lewis.

    As I write this in the spring of 2007, it's rumoured that Lewis is considering a comeback in his 40s.

    Lewis is that rare beast, a heavyweight champion who retired with his title intact, but they always say that fighters can't give up, and the lure of a big payday is tempting him.

    It's rumoured that he could get $25 million for one fight.

    Now that's a lot of money, but I don't suggest that you should get into the ring to make money from boxing!
    Let's face it, it is only the very few elite that make a lot of money, and most of them end up broke!

    So, if we're not getting into the ring, how else can we make money from boxing?

    I want to cover 3 methods, including the technique I use.

    Firstly, you could take up boxing promotion.
    Remember how I said that most champions end up broke?
    That's because most of the money seems to end up with the managers and promoters.
    Although there seems to be a lot of money there, this is a route for the long term only - it would take years to build up a business of any note, and then you'd still have to compete against the few who seem to control all the big fights.

    The second method, and this is much more realistic, is to become an affiliate.
    As an affiliate, you don't need a website, you don't need any stock, you simply send traffic to other companies' sites, and they pay you a commission of any sales generated.

    There is a huge variety of things you can be an affiliate for - from equipment like gloves and training gear, to tickets and pay per view subscriptions (this is where the bulk of the Lennox Lewis $25 million would come from.)
    There is also memorabilia, books, dvds, posters, etc.
    In fact one of the consistently best-selling sports posters is of Ali standing over Liston in the ring.

    So although this can be a good revenue source, it has the downside that you are competing with all the other affiliates.
    Great for the company concerned, not so great for the affiliates.

    The third method is the one I use, and it's to provide information.

    Boxing fans will spend money - that's proved by the pay-per-view model, so if you can provide information on how they can earn money to cover their expenses, you have a willing market.

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    You bet!
    Information can be produced and delivered without cost nowadays, and this is why I use it myself to make money - there is no reason why you can't too.

    Hopefully you've seen some various ways of making money from the sport of boxing- you can get further details by following the link to my guide below.

    Gordon Bryan is the author of 'Make Money From Sport,' a guide where he takes you through the single technique he uses again and again to profit from any sport - for just $7! Find out more at:

    Author: Gordon Bryan
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