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Best Local Business Directories 2014

Today I revamped an article about the best local business directories to be listed in.

Its Called Top Business Directories and How to Use Them.
I have added many local business directories for Australians and of course a lot of directories for US and International. This is fresh and new content relevant for 2014 and beyond and taking into account which directories provide decent traffic and provide the best SEO benefits so check it out here:

On this topic and Just for added measure here is a video about what Matt Cut says about paid directory listing from 2011 which is relevent information today.

local search directories

Heres a bit of the article

Business Directories and How To Use Them

Directories are a great way to get your site listed and seen by real people who use them to find goods and services as well as to gain some traffic from search engine spiders who visit them thus gaining your website the SEO benefit of a backlink which really does help more search engines discover more of your content. Listing in directories is pretty simple, just visit the directory site and sign up then add your business details and link back to your main business website. The important thing to remember is to keep your information consistant across the various directories that you submit to and always pick the most relevant category for your business and websites niche or content. If your going to list your site in directories then it is worth taking the time to do it properly because having quality local business listings is far more beneficial than have lots of ireleveant and poorly completed listings which could end up having the reverse effect of what you are trying to achieve when google cant make head or tail of what those sites are linking too and why then gives the link or worse your whole site a negative black mark. So accept that it will take a while to build things up and just do a few directories each day or every other day. Although tedious, you will get better long term results by hand submitting your business website correctly to a range of different directories rather than using mass submission tools of any kind. You could outsource the work however nobody will do a better job than yourself because you know your business best and you will care more about the quality of the information that you submit and where you submit it too than any cheap international web worker will!

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