Advantages of Blogging

Top 100 Advantages of Blogging – Why You Should Blog?


Forget about the negatives of  WHY NOT TO BE BLOGGING
and Focus on the psotives of WHY TO BE BLOGGING!


For many people the thought of running a full time blog is daunting for a number of reasons but we are not going to focus on any of those here.Advantages of Blogging
Today we are looking at the positives and so for now we will leave the negatives for another time.


1. Use blogging as a tool to be kept updated and in the latest developments and products of your field.
2. Blogging helps in adding fresh relevant content to website which search engines like.
3. You can build up your business creditability with the help of blogging.
4. A blog is a great tool to help increase your customer base.
5. Get free and fresh content with the help of comments that are made in blogs. This can be like User-generated content or UGC.
6. Create and establish a brand and brand awareness with blogs.
7. Help build trust between you and your readers and customers through blogs.
8. Enhance your website effectively and cheaply with the help of a blog.
9. Blogs are an easy way to establish two way communication and social interaction.
10. There is a higher and better chance of getting viral over social media sites with the help of a blog.
11. People generally consider reading a blog much better because of their non promotional tone and informative nature.
12. Blogs give you an easy way of approving comments before posting as against to social media sites where you have very little or no control at all.
13. Create more targeted traffic to your websites through search engines using blogs.
14. Blogs help to save time as visitors find many answers to their questions there.
15. Rumors about a business can be clarified through a blog.
16. With a blog, you not only become famous, but also gain power which you had never experienced.
17. Blogs have a huge part in SEO. Blogs are loved by Google and other Search Engines.
18. With the help of a blog, the Google PR of your site is enhanced.
19. Blogs are a great means of increasing potential traffic to your site.
20. Develop free PR for your business with a blog.
21. Blogs are great for creating returning targeted traffic.
22. The interactive nature of blogs makes people choose blogs over websites for links.
23. Remember that blogs consist mainly of text; and in SEO, text is king.
24. The comments posted on your blogs can give you better business ideas and tricks for your business.
25. Use blogs to express your thoughts. You can also use the blog to exercise your freedom of speech.
26. You can share whatever knowledge you have using a blog.
27. You will be considered an expert in your field because of a blog.
28. Use the help of RSS and links in getting targeted traffic to your blog.
29. Maintain public relations and relations with the media through your blog.
30. When compared to normal website pages, spiders tend to crawl blog posts more frequently.
31. Blog is a great means of creating a buzz or voice of mouth advertising.
32. Use the blog as a foundation for the content of a book.
33. Develop your business with the help of your blog.
34. Remain connected with people 24/7 with a blog.
35. You get new visitors and potential clients with the help of blogs.
36. Blogs are helpful and beneficial to the community.
37. Blogs are used to share company news.
38. Blogs are used as a communication link between employers and employees.
39. Blogs indicate that you are an easily approachable entity.
40. Keep in touch with industry leaders through blogs.
41. Use blogs in educational marketing, where you show how your services and products can be used to solve customers' problems.
42. Blogs maintain convenient internal communication to share information in a company.
43. Find out more about your customers and clients' needs through blogs.
44. Use blogs to create an online community.
45. Blogs provide easy communication with clients.
46. Talent is easily found with the help of blogs.
47. Blogs are used for getting back links.
48. Use blogs for getting internal links.
49. Blogs are regularly indexed by Google.
50. Use blogs to get free links from blog directories.
51. Develop easy and efficient deep linking with blogs.
52. Share any ideas you have on a blog.
53. Use blogs to solve problems.
54. Blogs are used for marketing because of its low overheads.
55. The navigation on blogs is text based, and search engine friendly.
56. The non promotion tone of blogs makes them very easy to link. This makes blogs highly linkable.
57. Use blogs to generate quick feedbacks.
58. A blog is a really great promotional tool.
59. Use blogs to convey authority.
60. You can easily target variety of keywords using blog.
61. Search engines find blogs easy to crawl.
62. Use a blog to let people and clients to get to know you better.
63. The RSS feeds of blogs help in efficient link building.
64. Blogs indicate that you are open, and don't hide from anyone.
65. Use a blog to increase membership and opt-in lists.
66. Blogs are great for educating and informing people about specific topics
67. You can learn time management and discipline through a blog.
68. Find new partners and experience better networking through blogs
69. Use a blog as a platform for announcing new products and services.
70. Use blogs to reply to queries.
71. Both cultural and geographical borders are overcome through blogging.
72. The long tail keywords in blogs help you get top rankings as blog are mostly hosted on very reliable domains. Blogging give you an excellent platform to target long tail keywords and get top ranking.
73. Generate a niche appeal using a blog.
74. Blogs bring about a more personal connection between yourself and your clients.
75. A blog helps you find jobs and clients quickly.
76. A blog can be easily integrated into a market plan.
77. Get to meet new visitors and buyers through guest blogging.
78. A blog offers increased lead generation opportunities.
79. Learn current trends through blogging.
80. A blog means low cost, better communication.
81. With a blog, you experience reduced emails, calls and inquiries.
82. You can also boost your social life with a blog.
83. Flexibility is an important feature of blogs.
84. The easy web publishing solutions make blogs much easier to set up and maintain than websites.
85. Blogs provide a punctual and important means of sharing information with an audience.
86. With the help of a blog, you can increase your writing, debating and analytical skills.
87. Use a blog to generate money with Adsense and Affiliate marketing.
88. A blog is a great and easy publishing tool.
89. With a blog, you can introduce a human voice or element in a company.
90. Blogs provide a great medium for opportunities and to use as a research tool.
91. You can increase the number of your loyal customers with blogs as it helps you get close with customers.
92. With a blog, you become different from your competition. This is because the medium tends to approach you if you have a blog and not the competitor who does not have a blog.
93. Blogs offer different and varies means of spreading ideas.
94. Blogs are considered a great means of relational marketing. This is because once you post honest and heart felt blogs, you instill trust and respect in prospective customers.
95. Manage your online reputation by using a blog to answer any negative remarks made about you by a competitor. In other words, blogs help you stop rumors from spreading.
96. With a blog, you can easily create more pages which is great for search engines that rank pages and not sites. With a blog, you need not bother about the fitting in of the new pages with design.
97. You can use a blog for recording all your past experiences and thus, start a sort of history about yourself.
98. Blogging is fun. Blogging is something everyone enjoys doing.
99. It has been proven that blogging offers some medical and psychological benefits like better memory and sleep and fast healing after a surgery.
100. After creating quality posts like this one, you develop a feeling of satisfaction.

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