Your Questions About Setting Up Adsense Account

 Your Questions About Setting Up Adsense Account

Lizzie asks…

How to change adsense account USA to INDIA?

I have adsense account usa now i move india how i switch account india.
If I change country address in setting tab then can't change UNITED STATES to INDIA. How to change please?

admin answers:


Google provides AdSense account owners with a form to request to have their country updated to a new value.


Unfortunately, India is on the list of countries for which Google cannot provide owners with this update feature due to legal constraints.

The preceding notwithstanding, Google offers to work with you to close your existing account and open a new account using your desired address. To do so, you need to contact them first at

To complete this change, you'll need to close your current account and open a new one in your preferred country. To initiate the process of closing your account, go to

Once your account has been closed, you can submit your application for a new account at

IMPORTANT: If your account balance is greater than the cancellation threshold (see, then your remaining earnings will be paid out within 90 days to your chosen payment method. Because Google will not be able to send your payment to your new country, you may wish to keep your bank account open until your last payment has been processed (if you're being paid by EFT). Alternatively, you might prefer to update your payment address to send the payment to a friend or relative who can then forward it to your new country.


Helen asks…

How do I change my address to a foreign country in Google Account?

In my Google Adsense account, my address is set to the USA. But I live in South Korea. Google Adsense account does not allow me to change the country in the address.

I have tax documents that I am expecting from Google. I need Google to send me my mail to Korea.

admin answers:

It is probably illegal for them to issue an account with Korean addresses. Korea has serious restrictions with severe penalties. Check this out locally first. If so you may need to have a US address forwarding mail to you.

Richard asks…

why is my google adsense account not generating add requests?

It's linked to 3 websites and one of them already has adds on it. I have no adds showing on my google adsense account.

admin answers:

Sounds as if you're not understanding Google Adsense correctly. Google has a lot of info plus there is free info available by googling for it.

Have you set the channels you wish to promote (which should reflect the niche of your website) plus copied the script for each ad to your website?

Thomas asks…

My google adsense account has been disabled. How can i enable the account?

For my blog, google adsense account has been disabled. How can i change to another account, for the same URL of my blog, or what are the ways for the revenue for my blog.
Can i open a new URL and import the blog contents of the old blog to new one, What will be the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Please help me friends...!

admin answers:

It is possible to open a new account as a business account.
Of course you would need a registered business for this.

Most accounts are disabled because of the content so just copying that content into another website could lead to you getting disabled again in the unlikely event of your setting up a business account.

Lisa asks…

Do I need a website for a google adsense account?

My youtube videos are monetizable, but I need an adsense account to get payed, but I don't have a website.. Do I need one to set up an adsense account? I only want to use it for my youtube videos

admin answers:

Yes...You should have a website to use Google Adsense .....If you don`t have a website you can create a blog in ( Google`s product ) and you can start using it .


Follow the steps below...
1.Create a blog in .
2. After creating a blog, follow the steps in the below link


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