Your Questions About Adsense Login Problems

 Your Questions About Adsense Login Problems


Thomas asks…

If my old YouTube account suspended, can I create another account using adsense?

Old account is an account that I used to login Adsense Account.
I've been do testing with black hat method. As a result my YouTube account banned.
However, my adsense account is fine because when Im testing I disabled my Adsense ads on that Video.
I wonder if I create a new channel, can I use my new channel with my old adsense account or not?
Any answer is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

It all depends on what exactly your old channel was banned for.

If you can sign into your Adsense account, you are in the clear. It will still work. If you cannot sign into Adsense, your Adsense membership has also been revoked, and they will not allow you to make a new one (because Adsense doesn't just ban the account, rather they ban your name, address, and social security number so you can't create a new one).

But again, if you can sign into Adsense, you should have no problem linking it to a new YouTube channel.

Lizzie asks…

Google billing question - need to speak to a person from Google to straighten out a billing problem?

Does anyone know a telephone number at Google that I can talk to a person about a billing problem I am having.

admin answers:

Billing problem? If this is through Google Adwords, you can login to your account and then contact their Customer Rep via email (or for high bid clients, they've got Adwords reps to help them) there is also a live help option within adwords which you can use, log in and look for the live help button as they are usually very good.

Steven asks…

Problem with 2 unapproved adsense account?

I first submitted for adsense with my first email id and it got disapproved and I second time signed up with my second email id and it too disapproved and now I want to sign up only with my 2nd email id and i don't like my first email id. But adsense saying that you already have an unapproved email assosiated with google adsense. Please help me. So do i want to delete my first email but i had many login informations init.

admin answers:

It might be wisest to wait until you have an approved account before tackling this secondary issue, you may have more tools available then. For some of their application processes you get 3 strikes then your out, I would just give them what they want for now.
Make some significant improvements to your site before trying your 3rd and maybe last application using that 1st email, their feeddback can be vague, typically it's either not enough original text content, or some inappropriate language.

Ken asks…

Where can I get the referral stuff from google adsense?

Like the firefox plus thing, I'm trying to make money online and the adsense help center says that I should try referrals. problem is i dont know where to get it from the site. I searched through some questions, and some guy said adsense setup then referall. But theres no referral button when i checked

admin answers:

Please login to adsense, under setup tab

If you ask me it's too difficult to make money only wid referrals, you should try ads also.
And a thing also

I think referrals are closed now!!!
But you give a check just login to adsense, under the adsense setup tab, if you find the referrals there then you can give it a try, if not there, Yup. Referrals are closed now!!

Hope it Helps!!!

Donald asks…

How often does Google Adsense update earnings?

It doesn't seem like there's any way to know when the earnings will be updated - am I correct?

admin answers:

There is no set time when earnings are updated, but they are fairly good in updating it at least every hour. There are days though when updates are delayed, and if you check forums such as WebmasterWorld (Adsense section) , you'll immediately be alerted when stats are delayed or if there is something wrong with the login or something as the webmasters participating there are quick to point out problems.



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