Your Questions About Adsense Keywords

 Your Questions About Adsense Keywords

Nancy asks…

What is adsense keyword and how to use it?

I am getting only 0.02$ per click on adsense. I heard about adsense keyword. I searched on google and found lots of top paying keyword. But i don't know how to use them.

admin answers:

First of all you need a niche blog. That is blog with a theme and random posts.
Ex: suppose if you have a photography blog.
Keywords like shutter speed, iso, lens etc can be used.
It can be used in Blog description like my blog on photography with information of iso, shutter speed
In the blog post title
In meta tags that is in the head section of html

hope this helps you

Mandy asks…

Any Adsense tool to verify the pricing of a keyword?

All I get is the most paying adsense keywords. Any idea what "job search" is worth? Any tool who can give me the pricing of a specific word or phrase?

admin answers:

After running, you can get some of this data in the Adsense advanced reporting interface. For Ad CPM, you can use this method:

Under the Reports tab, on the left, see “Show Data By”. Below it, they should open the drop-down menu and select “Individual Ad”. Adjust preferences and click “Display Report”. The resulting report will show Ad eCPM in the second-to-right column. Work backwards from that. Do not use page eCPM or you'll get misleading numbers should you have more than one ad on your page

For reference:

CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100
EPC = Earnings Per Click
eCPM = (Earnings / Impressions) * 1000
eCPM = CTR * EPC * 10

Sandy asks…

Is the highest paying Google adsense keywords really pay me than other keywords?where to find them?

I've heared that you can make thousands every month with the highest paying keywords but where to find them

admin answers:

Don't bother.

There was a huge scramble before for websites for the M word -- "mesothelioma" -- when it was reported that the M word gets more than $100 per click in Adwords.

So Adsense sites hoping to cash in on this supposed windfall created sites on the M word hoping to get at least $50 per click. Only to find that their ads get $0.05 or even less per click!

Why? Because of smartpricing

Jenny asks…

Why do people like Google when they are only good at 1 thing?

Google only has 1 good thing, the search with adsense/keyword.
Why is all the hype on google? Are we going to see a bubble burst soon?

Yahoo is better in email, finance, and lots of other stuff.

eBay is better in comparison shopping, payments, voip, ecommerce

Google is hype?

admin answers:

Yeah, I agree. Google sucks!

Thomas asks…

Suggest adsense keywords for my website please?

Hey recently i launched a new website and want someone to suggest some of the top paying adsense keywords


my site url is

and the adsense keywords are to be put in meta only ??

like the normal keywords

please i want it to be done soon


admin answers:

Klark Teknik
Christie Digital
Audio Technica

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