Your Questions About Adsense Alternatives For Blogger

 Your Questions About Adsense Alternatives For Blogger

Mary asks…

Got banned from Google Ads,can I now use another Gmail account with the new site with the same home n IP add?

I just got my Blogger website banned for having invalid clicks, having Adsense ads on it. I want to make another account from the same home address, same IP address, another Gmail account and another Blogger website. Can I do that? If No, what should I do? And what are the other easy alternatives for earning money online?

admin answers:

No it won't work they will find out and you will get banned again. There are alternatives for AdSense like Adbrite but none pay same like AdSense.

But you try affiliates or referrals programs. Referral programs normally pay up to 30% from your referrals earnings ( not from their money buy from ad networks money)

David asks…

How would someone start an online business?

If someone wrote an e-book, made music, or directed indie shorts/movies, and wanted a domain name website and way to sell copies of these things they made, how would they go about that?

And could they do it under the following conditions?
1.) Putting in almost no cash to make the website,
2.) Not using Paypal OR credit cards to sell the items, and
3.) Starting up as just one person with no help.

admin answers:

One method of making money online is to publish high quality we articles and then generate revenue through advertising networks such as the Google Adsense program (or the many other alternatives).

A website can be made for little more than the cost of a domain name (or for free if you host it on a free site (such as and using their hosting and a subdomain.

If you want to SELL something, I don't understand why you would not want to use PayPal. Sure, you could request that people send you cheques of money orders, but why would you just not use a payment gateway such as PayPal?

Richard asks…

Need a adsense alternative for my blog?

Well, i'm getting 1000page views per day for my blog and its only 4months old. I'm interested to choose a ad network to earn. When i searched online i'm getting the old articles written 2008 about some networks which is not true now. Suggest a ad network which accepts my blogger blog with a good cost per click or cost per view.

admin answers:

Adwager -
Adbrite -
Bidvertisor -
Chitika -
Clicksor -
Tribal Fusion -

William asks…

Online marketing job lets you work anywhere @ anytime you want. How do we do this actually?

admin answers:

It refers to the it refers to the promotion of a blog or website and it is done in the following manner

I have created a list of 101 tips which i have learned from blogging. I am sure there are more than just these 101 tips but currently this is what i can remember and i am going to share with you guys..
2.Get yourself a Blog Platform (Free Host/Paid Host)
3.Get a Easy to Remember Domain Name (Free Host/Paid Host)
4.Research and Blog about a Niche that you Love
5.Blog about the Niche Till you Die and Never Give Up
6.Remove rel="nofollow" on your Comments
7.Create your Favicon to give that Personal Touch
8.Give a SEO Tweak on your Title Tags
9.Setup your Blog with Akismet Spammer (only wordpress)
10.To have an About & Contact Page on your Blog
11.Put a Photo of Yourself on your Blog
12.Create your Own 'Advertise' Page
13.Provide an Alternative Way to Contact you (eg. MSN, skype)
14.Accept Interviews from Bloggers
15.Request Interviews from Bloggers
16.Insert Meta Keywords
17.Insert Meta Description
18.Use Visible Colours
19.Backup your Blog
20.Tweak your Blog as and When Possible
21.Don't Clutter your SideBar with too many Widgets
22.Do Donations on other Blogs
23.Participate and actively post on Forums
24.Submit your Blog to Web Directories
25.Rewrite Post that you have Written and Submit to Article Directories
26.Release your Reports or ebook on Free Press Release Sites
27.Learn How to Write Magnetic Headlines
28.Write a Beginners Guide to Blogging
29.Write 5 Pillar Articles to Start Off
30.Write Lists of (Top 10, How to,Tutorial Guide)
31.Write Short but Witty Post
32.Write on What Works for You and Share
33.Talk about Yourself Once in a While
34.Make Sure you have a List of webmaster Tools to Optimize your Blog
35.Learn to Reschedule and Write like a reporter on Latest News
36.Be the First in a Topic not Written Yet
37.Learn to Monetize your Blog in Every Way
38.Create Intelligent Blog Ads
39.Experiment with a List of Ads
40.Commonly used Google Adsense
41.Pick only the Most Effective Ads
42.Don't use Popup and Pop Under Ads
43.Position Them Effective so They Don't digust your readers
44.Create Value in Your Post
45.Use Effective Sub Heading
46.Rewrite your Articles once in a While for the New Readers
47.Write with Simple English
48.Pose Questions to your Readers
49.Post articles on Weekdays, more readers
50.Continue to Post on Weekends cause there are readers around
51.Don't forget about your font, you may have elderly reading your post
52.Throw in a Picture or Two in Your Post
53.Post your Best Article on Blog Carnival
54.Learn to Write in one Breath without Stopping
55.Learn to Become an Expert in your Field
56.Read SeoBook for more Seo Tips
57.Provide Real Report Stats
58.Provide a Section for Your Popular Posts
59.Motivate Yourself to Post Daily
60.Have a List of Blogroll that you always read Daily
61.Give Credits to Photos or Quotes you Used
62.Allow a list of Social Media for your Readers to Share Article with others
63.Change your Default Template with 3,000 free templates
64.Purchase a Unique Design or Design it Yourself
65.Post Comments on Other Blogs
66.Reply After Each Comment is Made by your Readers
67.Give a Private Mail to other Blogger
68.Learn to do Joint Venture or partnership with others
69.Read not only your category of blogger but others as well
70.Learn to Disagree with other Bloggers and Write your Views
71.Backfire your Favorite Bloggers and Dare him/her to link Back
72.Write Post That Are For Link Baiting
73.Build Strong Link with other Bloggers
74.Learn to Link to Powerful Blogger's Post
75.Learn to Write and Create your First ebook
76.Have your First Contest Up and Running
77.Try and look for Sponsors and not Forking out your Cash
78.Join other Blogger Contest Promotion
79.Submit Your Blog to Alexa to Rank You
80.Get your Blog Instantly Indexed on Google
81.Claim your Blog on Technorati
82.Join Social Blog Network (MyBlogLog/Blogcatalog)
83.Release Contest or Freebies you have to your Fans
84.Submit & Bookmark your Articles on (Stumbleupon,Digg,,Reddit)
85.Ping your Blog after each Post (Pingoat,Pingomatic)
86.Setup your Rss Feed with FeedBurner
87.Get Email Feed
88.Get Full Rss Feed
89.Encourage your Readers to Subscribe to your Full Feed
90.Learn to Enjoy What i am Doing
91.Offer your Free Services to Newbies Eager to start a Blog
92.Offer Consultations on a Certain Niche you are an Expert on
93.Use Google Analytics to Gauge your Traffic
94.Listen to Others when i have made a Mistake
95.Test myself to the Limit by Knowing What SEO is all About
96.Successful Blogs can be Copied for their success but not Their Style
97.Brag a little on What you are Good at Around
98.Make People Feel Comfortable with you
99.Learn to be

Joseph asks…

What Free Sites or really good Paid Sites Would Be Good for Advertising Holistic Pet Food On?

I currently distribute two holistic pet foods both test for Melamine. Neither product contains Chemicals, preservatives, by-products or fillers. Made in the US at USDA certified plants. Both products exceed the requirements set by the FDA. Both products are awesome with great results. Both are totally safe and heatlhy neither one has every had a recall and they are the same price as Science Diet, Iams and other like brands, but twice the product. Any ideas what FREE sites or really good PAID sites that I could advertise these on? Please try to provide me with both types of sites but let me know which is which. Thanks!

admin answers:

There are many places to advertise for free, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

There are pet specific sites and bulletin boards that will let you post free ads. You can find many more by searching for something like "pet care classified ads", but here are a few to get you started:

You can also advertise free on any number of general interest classified sites, such as:

If you're looking to pay to advertise online, Cost Per Click advertising is probably going to be the most cost effective, and the easiest way to reach a wide range of customers in your target market. The main players here are:

An even cheaper alternative might be to send free samples of your products to bloggers and webmasters who focus on pet care, along with a nice letter telling them about your product and asking them to review it on their site if they like it. (be polite and don't make ANY demands). It's easy to find bloggers who focus on dogs or cats, just search for things like "dog blog". There's also a list of pet related blogs here:

Getting just a few blogs to mention your product favorably could introduce you to a wealth of new potential customers. It's a cheap alternative to regular advertising that's worth considering.

Good Luck

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