You Can Pay for Your Next Uber Ride With PayPal




Uber now gives customers the option to pay for their rides using PayPal, the two companies announced late Monday.

Uber is the first company to integrate PayPal's mobile SDK into its app, which lets users pay for rides via PayPal without having to log in to their PayPal account repeatedly. This partnership is intended to help Uber scale by streamlining the process of accepting payments in new cities and countries

"We need a partner who has a platform to handle payments in all the places that we go," Travis Kalanick, founder and CEO of Uber, told Mashable As an example, he notes that customers in Germany prefer paying through their bank accounts rather than with credit cards. "Are we then going to get intimately familiar with how banks work in Germany and how to interface with them?... We have to go mass market and we need a payments partner that can do that with us." Read more...

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