What Do Instagram Advertisers Actually Get for Their Money?




It's been about a month since Instagram users have been subjected to ads in their feeds, and the photogenic world somehow hasn’t ended. In fact, the companies behind the ads seem to be reaping some benefit, even if the actual value proposition here is still a bit foggy.

Curalate, an outfit working with companies that want to advertise on social media, looked at all five brands included in Instagram’s first push. If nothing else, the paid ads were much more effective at attracting likes than the unsponsored posts by the same brands, as the chart below shows:


How much are a few hundred thousand “likes” on Instagram worth? That’s debatable. Once someone has “liked” an advertiser’s post, there is a higher chance his friends on the service will find it. And there’s a squishy sort of credibility that comes with having a big number on your posts. Read more...

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