These Companies Are Monitoring Everything You Buy This Holiday




If last year is anything to go by, Americans will spend more than $60 billion in the four days from Thanksgiving, this Thursday, to the end of the weekend. That doesn’t include Cyber Monday, when merchants put up post-Thanksgiving deals online; Adobe reckons Americans will spend another $2.3 billion on that day this year, up 15% from last year.

This is great news for retailers. It is also a bonanza for fraudsters, who use the holiday rush to sneak in charges that they hope will go unnoticedDubious deals, card fraud and even returns fraud are popular scams. And as if to make their lives easier, many companies relax their fraud measures somewhat over the holiday period to avoid frustrating legitimate customers. And even shoppers unaffected by fraud may find their bank and credit card statements filled with baffling charges when they get around to reviewing their statements in the haze of the new year. Read more...

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