Study: Only 55% of Marketers Satisfied With Twitter




Twitter has succeeded in attracting marketers to the social network, but it still has a lot of work left to appease marketers as it prepares to become a public company.

The majority of large marketers (60%) now use Twitter for various business objectives, putting it ahead of competitors like LinkedIn and YouTube and second only to Facebook, according to a survey of 395 marketers in the United States, the UK and Canada by Forrester Research. Another 18% of marketers say they plan to start using Twitter in the next year.

However, just 55% of those marketers who currently use Twitter say they are satisfied with the service. As you can see in the chart below from Forrester, this puts Twitter below more traditional marketing methods like email and search marketing and below competing social networks like LinkedIn and Google+. On the other hand, it puts Twitter slightly ahead of several Facebook categories. Read more...

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