How Kickstarter Users Evolved the Famous Ostrich Pillow




In September 2012, a curious invention appeared on Kickstarter

The Ostrich Pillow looked like a squishy gray pumpkin with two openings at the top. It was designed to slip comfortably over the wearer's head, offering a cozy "micro environment" for power naps. Thanks to a sophisticated Kickstarter campaign, a whimsical design and plenty of media coverage, the Ostrich Pillow was a hit, raising nearly $200,000 in pledges

One year later, Ali Ganjavian and Key Portilla-Kawamura, the minds behind the Ostrich Pillow, launched a second Kickstarter campaign for the Ostrich Pillow Light. The more portable, slightly less outlandish creation can be worn around the neck and pulled over the eyes for a discrete nap while in transit. Like its predecessor, the Ostrich Pillow Light is soft and pleasantly malleable, designed to give time-starved workaholics a portable tool for catnapping Read more...

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