8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy




A recent survey found that 70% of people are more likely to look for a new job after vacation. Realistically speaking, with the holidays and the accompanying vacation days just around the corner, there's a chance a few of your employees are looking to jump ship. And that's bad news for two reasons. First, if they're unhappy, that could reflect poorly on the company culture, morale and/or management. Second, it costs 20% of an annual salary to replace a mid-level employee, and it could cost 213% of a year's salary to replace a C-suiter, according to a study by CAP [PDF].

Odds are, you lack the time, money and patience to recruit a new slew of hires, so we've done you a favor and rounded up tips and tactics for building employee retention and fostering a happy workplace that makes people want to stick with you. Read more...

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