4 Ways to Improve Your CRM




Whether you're just launching or in your third year of business, you won't succeed without loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Customer relationships and feedback are essential, but you need to understand how to toe the line between respectfully receiving feedback and giving in to every request. The customer might always be right, but as Steve Jobs is notorious for saying, customers don't know what they want until they see it

This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes in, and your success here can make all the difference. It's a balancing act, sure, and it may at first seem like a curse. Users will be blunt. They will be honest. They may hit your idea where it hurts. But they (usually) aren't trolls. CRM will help you develop personal relationships with customers — a huge advantage over big businesses — who will get everyone they know to shop with you if you simply give them the time of day and let them know you care about their experience. Read more...

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