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4 Ways to Improve Your CRM

  Whether you're just launching or in your third year of business, you won't succeed without loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Customer relationships and feedback are essential, but you need to understand how to toe the line between respectfully receiving feedback and giving in to every request. The customer might always be right, but as […]

How 3 Startups Use Data to Improve Ecommerce Sales

  Marketers pay attention to many metrics, from traffic and bounce rate to referrals and user profiles, but perhaps none is more important than conversion — you can keep the lights on if you're not bringing in revenue. But conversion metrics aren't just about how many people clicked "purchase." There's data within conversions that can […]

4 Ways to Optimize Your Referral Traffic

  Between SEO, social media, email marketing, blogger outreach and paid media, getting people to your site isn't just a balancing act — it's a lesson in time management and attention to detail. But spreading yourself — and your budget — thin on platforms that aren't actually converting is a waste of time. You need […]

Why Marketers Need to Master Page Flow

  Your task is simple: Create a site that leads users to an end goal If you run a blog, a user needs to be able to read, comment and follow you on social media or sign up for email updates. If have an ecommerce site, a customer needs to be able to find what […]

7 Bootstrapping Tips for the Resourceful Small Business

  Small businesses must be resourceful to stay afloat. With smaller budgets, big ideas need to be as proactive as they are cost-efficient, taking into account everything from consistent industry changes, cash flow, customer needs and the unexpected challenges you never saw coming. Multitasking to keep up with the big guys on a fraction of […]