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Is Your Website a One-Hit Wonder?

  Few businesses strive for a website that's the equivalent of a one-hit wonder. If visitors are coming to your site and engaging — possibly even converting — and then leaving, never to return again, you're probably wondering why this happens (and if it matters, particularly if overall pageviews or conversion numbers are solid). See […]

How to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

  A catchy Facebook ad has sucked you in yet again — you're just a couple clicks away from owning another completely impractical pair of stilettos Except you're on the go during this particular shopping spree; you're navigating the site on your smartphone — and it just isn't displaying correctly. Faced with the annoyance and […]

6 Ways to Cultivate Better Customer Relationships

  It’s a mantra hammered into the heads of anyone who has ever owned a business, worked in a service industry or stepped foot in the world of sales: “The customer is always right.” Beyond simply placating customers, however, the modern take on this tried-and-true saying has evolved into what some refer to as "relationship […]