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4 Tips for Getting Press Coverage

  At small businesses both old and new, many hats are worn behind the scenes. Press outreach is handled by an owner or manager rather than being outsourced to an experienced firm. To complicate things, PR strategies vary based on location and industry — choosing the best media outlet to approach is just half the […]

How Much Are Your Customers Really Worth?

  Different types of businesses require different measures of success or growth — one man's metric is another's trash, you might say. This is especially true for revenue per user Revenue per user is calculated by dividing total revenue by total users, and is used to understand growth and distinguish if some customers are more […]

Why Your Brand Must Analyze Traffic by Device

  Of all global Internet traffic, an estimated 20% and 33% comes from mobile, according to a report by digital agency Walker Sands and StatCounter, and the percentage continues to rise. iPhone traffic is outpacing Android, and on tablets, users are more likely to make purchases But your brand's traffic is not the same as […]

Why Traffic Is Digital Marketing's Foundational Metric

  If you take the retail marketing adage "location, location, location," and translate it to digital, the result would be visit rate, or traffic. In the physical world, it's possible to pay premium rent to get your product in front of lots of people, but on the web, garnering traffic is a bit more nuanced. […]

10+ Must-Have Tools for the Connected Professional

  Are you the type of person who never leaves the house without your ballpoint pen? I didn't think so For the connected professional — that person who checks Twitter every hour and would rather give up carbs than Wi-Fi — knowing about the latest technology is crucial. Using the right digital tools can save […]