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IBM Faces a Crisis in the Cloud

  IBM is having an identity crisis, and it sure is something to watch. You may have heard about Big Blue’s recent ad campaign that takes a dig at Amazon.com. In its marketing material, IBM claims to power 270,000 more websites than Amazon, via its cloud computing service. It’s a flimsy jab at Amazon because […]

JPMorgan's 'TwitterTakeover' Turns Into PR Nightmare

  JPMorgan is reportedly considering banning its employees from Wall Street chat services because of the unsavory stuff that can be said there. After Wednesday, the bank may want to steer clear of public chat areas, too. Smarting, perhaps, from the barrage of government investigations into its activities — eight from the Department of Justice […]

What Do Instagram Advertisers Actually Get for Their Money?

  It's been about a month since Instagram users have been subjected to ads in their feeds, and the photogenic world somehow hasn’t ended. In fact, the companies behind the ads seem to be reaping some benefit, even if the actual value proposition here is still a bit foggy. Curalate, an outfit working with companies […]

Dropbox Seeking Valuation of Over $8 Billion

  Dropbox has always had a flair for the dramatic. Its CEO and co-founder Drew Houston, for example, appeared in a YouTube clip in 2012, belting out “Rocket Man” with a pint in hand at a Swiss bar — just one of several bravura performances. The company’s offices in San Francisco — replete with swings […]

Latest Ruling Allows Apple to Pursue Ban on Samsung Products

  An appellate court decision has opened the way for Apple to again pursue a ban on some Samsung Electronics mobile devices found to infringe Apple patents. But the ruling is a mixed bag for Apple, experts say, and will place a bigger burden on parties seeking injunctive relief in patent disputes in the future. […]

The Golden Age of Watching Other People Play Video Games

  It’s too soon to know whether Microsoft or Sony will emerge victorious from this round of the great video-game console wars, but it may not be premature to name the real winner: Twitch.tv. Each of the new consoles makes it easy to record and share videos of game play, and Twitch is a company […]

Verizon Transforms Retail Stores Into Rec Rooms for Tech Geeks

  Few people look forward to their visits to retail stores run by their wireless carrier. Every two years, they stop in to get a discounted phone in exchange for a contract, and unless the screen cracks a year in, that’s about it. The stores generally don’t encourage hanging out; most don’t offer seating unless […]

Why It Makes Sense for Businesses to Threaten Online Critics

  Add another page to the fast-growing chronicle of shady ways for companies to try bullying customers who post unflattering reviews on the Internet. This time the unlucky critic was Jen Palmer, who told a CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City that she received a bill for $3,500 from Kleargear.com, a company that sells office […]