99 Ways to Promote Your Blog For Free

With millions of blogs out there, getting noticed can be quite a challenge for the new blogger. Simply posting content won’t lead to visitors. When you’re trying to establish your blog you’ll need to work on some promotion to help kick start your blog’s growth. In this article we’ll focus on free options and we’ll look at 99 ways to promote your blog for free. Since most of our readers are designers, some of the points are specifically applicable to design blogs, but the majority of the content is relevant to blogs in any industry or niche.

99 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

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Guest Blogging

One of the most popular and common ways to get free exposure for your blog is by writing posts to be published at other blogs.

1. Write for other blogs in your niche/industry

A great way to get exposure to your target audience is to submit guest posts to other blogs in your industry or niche. Typically your guest posts will include a brief author bio at the end that will include a link to your own blog. This is one of the best ways to build name recognition and prove your expertise.

2. Exchange guest posts with other blogs in your industry/niche

While writing posts for other blogs is a great option for promotion, you’ll also need some content for your own blog. You can arrange with another blogger in your niche to exchange guests posts. Each of you will write a post that will be published at the other’s blog. You’ll both get quality blog content and you’ll both get some added exposure. Do this with a few different bloggers and you will be able to build several new links and reach a large number of readers.

3. Create a series with other bloggers

If you want to get creative you could coordinate with a few other bloggers in your niche to create a series. You can all write posts on related topics and interlink the posts to each other. Your posts can be published at your own blogs, or you can exchange them and publish the post at each other’s blogs.

4. Find guest posting opportunities with PostJoint

PostJoint is a site where you can find blogs who are looking for content. You create an account and submit your article and bloggers will have the opportunity to invite you to publish at their blog. PostJoint includes both free and sponsored content.

5. Find guest posting opportunities with MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest is another site that exists to help you find a home for your guest posts. Bloggers who are looking for free content can sign up, making it easier for you to find a place to publish your guest posts.

6. Find guest posting opportunities with GuestBlogIt

GuestBlogIt is a similar site where writers and publishers can sign up and collaborate. You can sign up for a free account and there is also an option to pay for a premium account with some added features.

7. Link to a free resource from your author bio

When your guest posts are published at other blogs the author bio will be key to how much you get out of your efforts. One of the best ways to get the most impact is to offer a free resource and link to it from your author bio. Rather than just placing a link and asking readers to visit your site, offer something of value (like an e-book) for free and you’ll likely get a much better response.

8. Use a call to action in your author bio

In your author bio you want to lead visitors in a certain direction by including a call to action. Use the call to action to get them to visit your site for the free resource.

9. Use your best articles as guest posts

When you’re just getting started with promoting your blog you should consider using your best posts at other blogs. Although your blog will of course need great content, by using your best posts at other blogs you’ll make more of an impression on those readers and you should pick up more new followers this way. As your blog grows your emphasis will shift and you’ll want to use your best posts on your own blog.

10. Write an article for your local newspaper

Writing for other blogs and websites isn’t the only option. You can also market your blog and yourself by writing an article for your local newspaper. Some articles may include a brief author bio, in which you could list your blog’s URL.

11. Write an article for an industry magazine

Likewise, you could also write an article for a magazine that would reach your target audience.

Blog Content

The content of your blog is also critical to your promotional efforts. A blog with great content is easy to promote, while a blog with poor content is difficult to promote no matter what approach you take.

12. Answer common questions from readers

When you’re deciding what topics to cover with upcoming blog posts, think about your readers and what problems they are facing and what questions they have. This is a great way to ensure that you publish content that is genuinely helpful to your readers.

13. Interview bloggers and others in the industry

Another type of post that can be very helpful to readers is an interview of another blogger or someone noteworthy within your industry or niche. One of the reasons that this can be helpful for promoting your blog is that in many cases the person being interviewed will share a link to the interview from their social media profiles, or maybe even link to it from their own blog.

14. Take a controversial stand

One approach for gaining exposure and getting noticed is to use controversy. Just covering certain topics can create controversy, or maybe you’ll take a particular stand on a debated issue. Of course, you’ll want to be able to back up your view. Controversial posts are often linked to and shared via social media.

15. Publish posts in a series

You can publish a series of a few different posts on the same topic to encourage repeat visitors. This will also allow you to cover the particular topic in great depth and detail, which can be helpful for building authority and establishing your expertise. You can also publish posts in a recurring series, such as posts on a specific topic to be publish on a certain day of the week.

16. Write helpful tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials can be extremely helpful for people who are looking to learn something specific. This is a great option for bloggers in the design/development industry, and there are countless things that you can teach through tutorials. These types of posts tend to attract links, and it is another effective way to demonstrate your expertise.

17. Create list posts

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, list posts can be effective for getting exposure. Readers can scan list posts very quickly, they tend to be shared a lot via social media, and a good quality list post can be very helpful and informative. The challenge is to create a list post that is original, since there are so many of them out there already.

18. Improve your blog post titles

One of the best ways to encourage readers to share your posts is to use engaging and interesting titles and headlines. With so many articles being published each day, most people will read headlines and skip over those that don’t grab their attention. If you’re effective at writing titles you can get more eyeballs on your post content and people will be more likely to share it via social media. See How to Write Magnetic Headlines from Copyblogger.

19. Write in short paragraphs

Make your blog posts easy to read and scan by using short paragraphs. Most readers will prefer to scan or skim your content, and short paragraphs make this much easier.

20. Use sub-headers

Sub-headers also help to make your posts easy to read.

21. Offer email subscription in addition to RSS

If you’re a FeedBurner user you can offer your visitors to option to subscribe to your blog via email instead of RSS. Many people prefer email, so make sure you offer it. If you’re concerned about FeedBurner possibly shutting down, another option is FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz isn’t free, but it is reasonably priced.

22. Post consistently

Don’t go months between blog posts. There is no specific frequency with which you should post, but in most cases you’ll want to publish at least once per week to build an audience and maintain momentum.

23. Update old content when appropriate

In addition to adding new content to your blog, consider updating important posts that have become outdated.


I’ve never known a successful blogger who wasn’t well connected. Your network will have a big influence on your success as a blogger, so building your network should be a priority.

24. Respond to comments on your blog posts

When you’re trying to build your blog’s exposure comments are often hard to come by. You can show readers that you appreciate their comments and encourage more interaction by responding to all comments that you receive.

25. Reach out to other bloggers in your industry/niche

Make a proactive effort to get to know some other bloggers in your niche. Don’t be afraid to fill out a contact form or send an email just to introduce yourself. In the early days of this blog I made an effort to reach out to others with new design blogs, and some of those people are still in my network 5 or 6 years later.

26. Focus on quality of contacts rather than quantity

You don’t need to be connecedt to every blogger in your niche or have hundreds of people in your network. Focus on building solid connections with severl key people rather than trying to have one-time contact with a lot of different people.

27. Connect with other bloggers who are at the same stage

One common mistake by bloggers when it comes to networking is to only attempt to network with the most popular and established bloggers in the industry. The problem with that is these people are probably extremely busy. If you’re in the early stages of building your blog make an effort to get to know some others who are just starting out. People at a similar stage of blogging will generally be more responsive to you, and you’ll be able to help each other as you both grow your blogs.

28. Look for ways to help others

When it comes to networking the last things you want to do is forget that it is a two way street. If you only look for ways to benefit yourself, your networking efforts will not be very successful. Look for ways to help others and you’ll find that your network efforts pay off much more. You’ll develop better relationships, more of them, and people will be more interested in helping you when the opportunity arises.

29. Participate in interviews for other blogs

Being interviewed by other bloggers is a great way to get to know them, so when you are approached to do an interview accept the request if at all possible.

30. Promote other bloggers’ posts with your social media profiles

Make an effort to share links to other people’s posts via social media. Everyone loves traffic, so other bloggers will really appreciate this. Also, some of them will reciprocate by sharing links to your content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best promotional opportunities available. With an establish list you’ll be able to stay in close contact with your subscribers and you’ll be able to get much more repeat traffic than you could get otherwise.

31. Start an email newsletter with MailChimp

In addition to offering your blog updates by email, I’d encourage you to also offer readers to option to sign up for a newsletter or mailing list. You can use this list without having to post to your blog, so it gives you added flexibility. Since we’re focusing on free options in this post, MailChimp offers a free plan for lists under 2,000 subscribers. If you’re willing to spend a small amount of money, I personally recommend Aweber, although I have used MailChimp as well.

32. Place a sign up form in a prominent location

Place your opt-in form somewhere where visitors are sure to see it. Common locations include the end of blog posts, the top of the sidebar, in a notification bar, or even in a popup.

33. Use a free resource as a bonus for subscribers

You can encourage visitors to subscribe by offering something of value as a free bonus if they sign up. Things like e-books, special reports, and other downloads are commonly used for this purpose. With a quality freebie you’re likely to get exponentially more subscribers than you could get without it.

34. Email your list regularly

Once people sign up to your list they should hear from you on a regular basis. Your newsletter will be most effective if you develop the trust of your subscribers, and you’ll need to stay in contact in order to accomplish this.

35. Share links to your best posts

You can use your newsletter list to share links to your best posts and increase the reach of these posts.

36. Don’t overwhelm subscribers with too many emails

Most subscribers won’t want to be bombarded with emails. The ideal frequency will vary from list to list, but most subscribers won’t want to receive an email every day.

Social Media

Social media for blog promotion has changed over the years, but there are still plenty of opportunities to reach a new audience and quickly grow your blog with the help of social media.’

37. Start a sharing network with some blogging friends

If you know some other bloggers in your niche that are also trying to grow their blogs, consider an arrangement where you can help each other by sharing links to each other’s posts via your social media profiles.

38. Use social media for more than just sharing your own links

Because social media can be so effective for building traffic many bloggers use it just for this purpose. In order to have a real impact with social media you’ll need to get involved with the community of users. Most users don’t appreciate other users who only participate in order to promote their own content.

39. Submit links to Design Newz

For design blogs, Design Newz is a great place to submit your links and get a little bit of exposure.

40. Submit links to Design Float

Design Float was the first social voting site to specifically target the web/graphic design niche, and it is still a useful site for design bloggers.

41. Submit links to The Web Blend

The Web Blend is another social voting site that targets the design niche. It seems to currently be the most active social voting site in the design niche.

42. Submit links to Design Bump

Design Bump is also a social voting site where you can post links to your articles.

43. Submit links to DZone

DZone is a large and very active site for content related to web and software development.

44. Share links at Twitter

After you publish each post take a moment and share the link via your Twitter profile. You can also share links to older posts from your archives when you want to get a little bit of attention for posts that have been buried in the archives.

45. Communicate with other bloggers via Twitter

Use Twitter as a networking tool to get in touch with other bloggers in your niche.

46. Share links at Facebook

Just like you should be sharing links to your posts on Twitter, also share them on Facebook. I would recommend setting up a Facebook page for your blog rather than just relying on your personal profile.

47. Comment at the Facebook page of other blogs

You can also network by getting involved on the Facebook pages of other blogs in your niche.

48. Share links at Google+

Google+ is also a useful place to share your links. Establishing a presence here and getting more +1′s on your posts can also have an impact on your search engine rankings.

49. Run a Google+ hangout

Communicate with readers and/or other bloggers by taking advantage of the Google+ hangouts feature.

50. Share pins at Pinterest

Include images in your blog posts and pin them via your Pinterest profile.

51. Create pinnable images for your posts

Create images for your posts that will attract pins from more readers. See 5 Ways to Create Highly Shareable Pinterest Pictures for Your Business.

52. Participate in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn offers users the opportunity to join groups, which is a great way to network with others in your industry.

53. Share links at Reddit

Reddit has been around for years, and it’s still a popular social media site where you can share your links.

54. Create a Gravatar account

By creating an account and uploading an image to use as a Gravatar you will have your custom avatar shown at many blogs and social sites when you leave a comment.

55. Participate at Inbound.org

If you cover topics related to internet marketing and SEO, Inbound.org is a great site where you can get involved.

56. Share links at Blog Engage

Blog Engage is a smaller social media site where you can share links to your posts.

57. Share links at Blokube

Blokube is a small social media site that focuses on topics like marketing and design.

58. Ask readers to share your posts

You may want to consider adding some social sharing icons at the end of your posts so readers can easily share a link to the post. Many bloggers include text that asks readers to share the post, which obviously encourages more shares.

59. Follow the social media profiles of other bloggers

Use social media to follow other bloggers in addition to using it for your own promotional purposes.


Creating and distributing free resources is a proven approach for attracting links and gaining exposure. Everybody loves to get something for free and when you offer something of real value you’re likely to get noticed. For those in the design industry there are all kinds of options.

60. Post free resources at your own blog

Use your design skills to create some free resources are release them from your own blog. If you’re not sure what to create, several possibilities are listed below.

61. Textures

Textures are highly useful for all types of graphic design, and with the help of a camera or scanner you can create your own textures to give away.

62. Icons

Web designers are always in need of quality icons. If you design and offer a nice set of icons for free it will be appreciated by visitors and other designers.

63. Photoshop brushes

Photoshop brushes, like textures, are very versatile and designers always love to have more brushes in their arsenal.

64. Vectors

Vector graphics are another option that will be useful to others.

65. PSD files

You can offer any number of different types of Photoshop files. UI sets, web elements, and product mockups are very popular.

66. Wallpaper

Create some interested wallpapers and make them available for anyone to download.

67. Website templates

For web designers, HTML templates are a great option. Quality templates will certainly be useful to your visitors.

68. WordPress themes

Just like HTML templates, WordPress themes are always needed by designers and you can get some great exposure by release a high-quality WordPress theme for free.

69. Fonts

There are thousands of fonts already out there, but designers can’t get enough of them.

70. Business card templates

Use your design skills to create a template that others can customize and print for their own business cards.

71. Flyer templates

It could be a flyer for an event, a party, a corporate flyer, or any other type of flyer.

72. Brochure templates

Offer a free brochure template to help others market their business.

73. Resume templates

Both print and web-based resumes are an option here.

74. Offer free resources to be published at other blogs

Another option is to offer your freebie to another blog rather than releasing it at your own blog. This can be very effective for reaching a new audience, and in most cases you’ll be credited for the design and you’ll get a link back to your own blog.

75. Share free resources at your Facebook page

One approach to increase your Facebook fans is to offer free resources that can be downloaded by people who like your page.

76. Turn old blog posts into a free e-book

If you have a lot of posts in your blog archives, chances are you could compile some of them into an e-book. You could offer the e-book for free download and attract some links and exposure.


Sometimes the best way to get exposure for your blog is to create something that people will love and will want to share with others. This type of viral marketing can gain a ton of exposure when it’s effective.

77. Create an infographic

Infographics are really popular right now and good ones tend to be shared by many blogs and at social media sites.

78. Create a SlideShare presentation

Create a presentation that attracts attention at SlideShare and you could get thousands of views.

79. Create a “best of” post

One way to get others to share your content is to compliment them. You can create a post that showcase a number of the best of something and the people featured are likely to share the link. For example, if your blog is in the design industry you could create a post titled “20 Up and Coming Design Blogs to Watch”. Then create a badge or graphic and send it to those bloggers that were featured. If they post it on their site and link back to your post it could result in extra exposure for you.

80. YouTube or Vimeo video

Videos are also a great option for creating viral content, and they can be easily embedded and shared by other blogs.

81. Write an e-book

Popular free e-books are also often shared and linked to by many blogs and websites.

82. Offer a free course

Instead of an e-book, you could compile an online course either in text or video format and offer it for free. I quality course would be likely to be shared quite a bit.

Link Building

Getting links is an important part of building your blog. Here is a look at some things you can do to encourage links to your blog.

83. Create amazing and unique content

Link building starts with creating very high quality content. Getting links is easy with the right content, and nearly impossible with bad content.

84. Comment on other blogs

Take a few minutes each day and leave some well thought out comments on other blogs in your industry or niche.

85. Link to your older posts

When you are writing a new post, take opportunities to link to your older posts within the content. Internal links from your own blog can help to increase page views and can also have an impact on search engine rankings.

86. Link out to other blogs

Also be willing to link out to other blogs in your posts. This is especially important when you’re just getting started with your blog because the pingbacks can help others to notice your blog. Also, some bloggers will look to reciprocate and link back to you.

87. Get your blog listed at Alltop

Alltop is a categorized blog directory. You can submit your blog for inclusion.

88. Submit your blog to web design and CSS galleries

If your blog has a quality custom design you can submit it to gallery sites. If it’s published you will get some decent links and exposure.

89. Participate in forums

Regardless of what niche or industry you blog in, there are probably several forums that would be an appropriate place for you to participate. You can include a link to your blog in your signature (check the rules of each forum), and when appropriate you may be able to link to you site within the body of your forum post.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, and there are tons of great plugins that can help you to get more exposure for your blog.

90. WordPress SEO

Yoast’s plugin allows you to optimize your site for search engines.

91. All in One SEO Pack

Another plugin with similar SEO options.

92. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin creates a Google-friendly XML sitemap that helps to get your content indexed by Google.

93. Digg Digg

You can add a floating bar with social voting buttons by using Digg Digg.

94. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is another plugin that allows you to add social sharing buttons to your posts.

95. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This plugin makes it easy for visitors to share images from your blog on Pinterest.

96. Social Count Plus

Show off your follower counts with this plugin.

97. Share This

Share This is another popular plugin for allowing visitors to share your posts.

98. Thank Me Later

This is an interesting plugin that allows you to send automated emails at a specific interval after a visitor leaves a comment.

99. Comment Redirect

When a visitor leaves their first comment you can use this plugin to redirect them to a page of your choice. It could be a thank you page or anything else that you choose.

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Bieber isn't the only celebrity investing in the company — boxer Floyd Mayweather is also in on the venture.

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What is Google Adsense?

 What is Google Adsense?

If you look at the Internet a few years back, you'll see that advertising was done in a way that was very similar to other types of media like television, or actually, more like what you see in a newspaper.

You'd enter a site, and in some location you'd get to see a banner (often these were quite numerous and very large), which would present and ad for whatever company was paying for adds on your space.

But there was one problem with this kind of advertising. It really wasn't exploiting the fact that the adds weren't in some newspaper, but were instead presented over the Internet.

You've probably noticed a lot of things like this over the pages you've browsed. You're looking at an on-line shop, looking for a watch but you get a banner that advertises a car.

While you might, at some later point want to buy a car, right now you're looking for a watch and it would have surely been nice if the banner were advertising a watch, because then you would have probably clicked it.

Well that's also what the folks at Google thought of, so they came up with a killer idea. This is knows as Google AdSense, and it's known as a targeted advertising program

What you do (as a web designer / website owner) is, instead of jumping through hoops to get some banner on your site that your visitors won't even care about, is you just allocate some region of the screen.

You then sign up for the Google AdSense program, you insert a small snippet of code in your webpage and Google ensures that in the location you specify, a banner will appear, presenting adds relevant to the contents of your site.

It's very easy for Google to do this because Google is a search engine company. It looks for the key words in your page, searches a database of websites to find the ones related to whatever is on your page and presto: a targeted ad.

You (the webmaster) get a fee for each visitor that clicks on an adsense banner on your site. Now that's bound to happen more often then with a traditional banner because people are actually interested in what's in that banner (otherwise, they wouldn't be on your page would they?).

But, this also does wonders for the people who want to advertise. And it's because of the same reason. The greatest thing about Google AdSense is that all the content in a banner is relevant.

This relevancy is the key to the programs success, and also the reason why everyone remains happy. The advertiser has a relevantly placed advert, the publisher earns money from their content and Google take their cut.

Of course, as always, Google has set some high standards for its AdSense program, in terms of looks and functionality. You can't have more than two such banners on your website and Google only inserts text in these banners.

So an extra benefit is that AdSense advertising is a lot less obtrusive then regular advertising. But this also means you should position the banner better because it's possible that visitors might miss it altogether.

So in the end, Google AdSense is an advertising program that is unique because the ads are relevant to the content on the site. Anyone that wants to advertise pays Google for it. Anyone who wants to place ads on their site does this through AdSense, getting paid by Google in the process.

All transactions are run through Google, and the advertisers and publishers get access to statistics which help them to understand and moderate the effectiveness of their campaign.

The whole process is elegant, simple and effective from anyone in the chain, from site visitors to advertisers, and it's one of the reasons Google are known for their innovation and new thinking.

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The ads will come from U.K. digital media company Amscreen, which uses face-tracking technology from French firm Quividi to identify key traits in individuals and relay information back to marketers in real time. The system also measures how long people pay attention to the ads, which could theoretically let companies tweak their ads to make them more effective, much as online advertisers do with Google AdWords. Read more...

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Your Questions About Google Adsense Sign Up

 Your Questions About Google Adsense Sign Up

Charles asks…

How many views do you have to get Google adsense?

How many views do you have to get to get cash from google adsense.If you sign up could you end up paying them if you dont get enough views

admin answers:


You don't end up paying them if you don't get enough views. Where did you get that idea?

To sign up for Google Adsense, it is best to have your site been old for like a month with already like 5 existing posts, just to make them sure your site is legitimate. 5 to 10 views a day is okay I think.

I have not signed up for Google Adsense because my husband already had one when I became active in managing websites. But my friend was able to sign up with Adsense even he has a new blog or website, and when we say new, really not a lot of views. Probably just 2 a day or even none.

Google Adsense is free but you have to wait for the confirmation from Google that your application is accepted.

So, anyway, you earn from Google when visitors click on the ads that appear in your site. And these clicks should be legitimate clicks. Meaning it is not you clicking or not even your friends. My friend did this strategy once and he got banned. There are ads too that pay you per impression (the time that the ad was displayed in the site).

Anyway, if you want to understand more about AdSense, you should really read the Google Adsense help articles.


Payment per click varies a lot. It depends on what topic you have for the website. There are low paying keywords and there are high paying keywords. Also, what you earn depends on how much traffic (amount of visitors) you are getting.

William asks…

How to remove copy right issue to get approved fot google adsense ?

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at
this time.
We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

- Copyrighted material
Site does not comply with Google policies


Further detail:
Copyrighted material: We've found that your website contains copyrighted
material. As stated in our program policies
AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on webpages with content
protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to
display that content.

This includes sites that display copyrighted material, sites hosting
copyrighted files, or sites that provide links driving traffic to sites
that contain copyrighted material.

Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your
AdSense application at this time because we feel that your site does not
comply with Google AdSense policies or webmaster quality guidelines. It's
our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful
content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads
to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this

For more details, please read the webmaster quality guidelines at
http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35769 and
the AdSense program policies at




You can find more details and application tips at


To update and resubmit your application, please visit
http://www.google.com/adsense and sign in using the email address and
password you submitted with your application. Our specialists will review
your account for compliance with our program policies, so please make sure
to resolve all of the issues listed above before resubmitting.

For a complete list of AdSense criteria, please visit:



For more information, visit our Help Center:
https://www.google.com/adsense/support/as/ or search the AdSense Help
Forum, where a community of publishers shares AdSense best practices:
http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense. Representatives of Google
AdSense also participate in discussions.


The Google AdSense Team

give me a solution for it

admin answers:

If your site has any content that you have taken from other sites (including images) then you should remove them.

Adsense can only be used on sites with fully original content.

Thomas asks…

How can I make good money with google adsense if I do not have a website?

I signed up for google adsense and most of the ads have to go for websites/blogs that I own. Is there a way to post them and earn money from posting on other sites, or any other ways?

admin answers:

No... That's not how it works. The point is that you put it up on your website... You don't spam it everywhere and hope for money...

Lizzie asks…

What is the best way to get in touch with Google Adsense?

A while back I originally signed up for Google Adsense. After deciding it wasn't really doing anything for me I decided to delete the account. When I decided that I wanted to try it again with Youtube videos I went through the registration process and it said that there was already an account in my name, the one I thought was deleted. I tried logging in, and password recovery, but I'm in this endless loop and all I want is an adsense account. Can someone please help me?

admin answers:

Just email them by using http://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/request.py

James asks…

How do i sign up for google adsense under the age of 18?

im not 18 yet and i want to sign up for google adsense. it says i need to have a payee account and i was wondering how this whole thing works. can i get a payee account somehow without being 18. my parents will not put in theres.

admin answers:

You can..........but once it comes to getting paid there could be problems and if its found out your not you will have bigger problems then not getting your money.....

Sorry to say this world is cruel to those under the age of 18 who want to make money =(

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17 Adsense Alternatives

 17 Adsense Alternatives



Adsense Alternatives

Many people use Google's AdSense program to generate some extra revenue from their websites, but there are some who find that google adsense simply does not suit their  own requirements from an ad program or for some other reason cannot use adsense on their website. But thankfully for such people, there are many adsense alternatives which attempt to alleviate some of the shortcomings of the adsense program.
Here is a  list of the 17 most noteworthy ones from the lot with a description concerning each one. They are not listed in any particular order.

1) AllFeeds (http://www.allfeeds.com/?action=publishers)
AllFeeds has a great pool of online advertisers to choose from. It also features many display formats that you can choose from.
These include banners, buttons, XML feeds, DHTML pop-ups and so on. It also features real time reporting of your ad status.
The site will mail a check every month, provided that you earn more then $25.00, while rolling over earnings for the next month if you don't.
Another interesting thing about AllFeeds is that it integrates with Google AdSense, maximizing your earnings with AdSense.

2) MarketBanker (http://www.marketbanker.com/mb/sell.php)
MarketBanker allows you the unique possiblity to set the pricing for your site.
It also allows you to allow or reject any link that  appears on your site (although AdSense itself does a very good job of this as well, with URL filters) There's also a statistics section which will allow you to see how well your site is doing.
The ads are small just like AdSense's and they're just as easy to set up. Also, registration for MarketBanker is free.

3) Chitika (http://www.realcontext.com/index.php?option=RealContext:+Contextual+Targeting+Engine)
RealContext uses Artificial intelligence to retrieve the most relevant ads for your page. And there's an extra feature which makes RealContext unique as well.
Keywords are selected based upon which previous selections payed off and which didn't.
That means there's a constant feedback process that ensures you gain better revenue from your ads. It also supports blocking certain adds and child-safe filtering and many more options.

4) BidClix ( http://www.bidclix.com/PubTop.html)
BidClix is different because it has advertisers compete for clicks on your site, which in turn is meant to generate the highest possible profits for your page.
It also has a very large pool of advertisers which ensure there are plenty of people to choose your site. However,  it does require more polish on site contents then AdSense. As most sites, real time statistics are available and its very easy to get  started with this service, but it's also very flexible.

5) AdHearus (http://adhearus.com/webmaster.php)
AdHearus is a very feature-packed contextual ad provider. As with AdSense, advertisements are targeted but it doesn't stop here at all.
The ads are very flexible, you can select from text-ads, banners, rectangles, pop-ups, pop-unders or skyscrapers.
You can also display your own ads, through rotation, both on your site and on other affiliate sites, which makes AdHearus a hybrid with conventional advertising technologies.
There's a very comprehensive on-line real time reporting feature and, as usual with such services, starting out is free and it's a breeze.

6) Fastclick (http://www.fastclick.com/publish.html)
Fastclick offers you an impressive 65 percent of what it makes from a click on your website. Payments are done monthly, via PayPal or through checks. The ads can be formatted as you wish, and Fastclick even offers a free support serice for its members and no fees are required to register with the service.

7) AffiliateSensor (http://www.affiliatesensor.com/)
AffiliateSensor has highly customizable ad blocks, which you can make for yourself with an easy to use on-line interface.
You also get realtime reporting with clicks-by-domain, page and refferer.
There's integration with Google AdSense as well, through the google_alternate_ad_url so AffiliateSensor can be used as a substitute for Google PSA's (Public Service Ads).

8) Kanoodle Bright Ads (http://www.kanoodle.com/about/brightads.cool)
Kanoodle's offering allows publishers to get ads related to topics or segments, and not the traditional keyword oriented ads.
The site also groups publisher sites with advertisers by hand to ensure high-revenue generating ads. And speaking of revenue, the amount of money  you receive is a clear 50% share of the amount of money Kanoodle recieves for an advertiser.

9) TargetPoint (http://publisher.targetpoint.com)
TargetPoint is oriented more towards content publishers. It offers full control over the look the ads, statistics over your site's overall performance and better revenue.
It's free to register and you earn a guaranteed 60% of the total revenue. You can get payed with Paypal of Bank checks and (most times) wire transfers as well.

10) Clicksor (http://www.clicksor.com)
Clicksor will earn you as much as 60% from the amount of money your website produces. What you get is about the same as AdSense, there  are targeted text ads, you can view the revenues from your website in real time. You can receive money via PayPal or through a check  every two weeks, provided that you have earned more then $50. If you haven't made that much, your earning roll over to the next period

11) Bidvertiser (http://www.bidvertiser.com/)
Like AdSense, Bidvertiser displays text ads in your page. But the difference lies in the fact that advertisers bid over your advertising space, ensuring you earn as much revenue as you possibly can. This also means that bids will increase over time, earning you even more cash. You also get a great way to customize your ads with a very easy to use tool and detailed reports on your site's status.

12) Quigo AdSonar (http://www.quigo.com/adsonarpublishers.htm)
Quigo AdSonar achieves relevancy by placing a filter according to your site's categories. It also offers you on-line reports of your site's status and the possibility to add your own custom ads replacing ads that don't gain you any revenue. The setup is very simple, in a similar fashion to AdSense's and quite customizable as well.

13 Vibrant Media IntelliTXT (http://www.intellitxt.com/site/web_01a.html)
Vibrant Media IntelliTXT offers user-activated ads, highlighting certain words within the content of the page and presenting relevant ads when a user hovers his mouse over them. It uses a pay-for-performance pricing scheme and can easily be used along with other advertising methods, because it is unobtrusive. It places you in full control, allowing you to easily integrate it within your site with some simple JavaScript.

14) Nixie (http://www.nixxie.com/display.php?section=Partners)
Nixie claims to hold a technology that can read and understand your site, enabling it to display the most relevant content to your site. Besides text ads, Nixie also features price comparison listings as well as live auction advertising. It's very easy to implement and has a good payment policy as well.

15) MIVA AdRevenue Xpress (http://www.miva.com/us/content/partners/arx.asp)
MIVA AdRevenue Xpress is targeted towards small and mid-sized publishers. It implements Search Box functionality and also features things like a Category Directory as well as the handling of 404 error pages. It can be integrated with your page using a simple on-line wizard.

16) contextWeb ContextAd (http://www.contextweb.com/Corporate/publisher/publisher.shtml)
ContextAd offers the possibility of contextual ads for dynamic pages, meaning ads will change as soon as your page does. It's very easy to use and free to sing up for and offers a transparent payment policy. The ads are fully customizable and real-time reports are available 24/7.

17) AdBrite (http://www.adbrite.com/)
AdBrite offers publishers the possibility of integrating text ads in their pages. These are done on your own rates, with the websites you approve by hand so it bares some similarities with a classic advertising scheme. You also have the option of adding a "Your Add Here" button that buyers can immediately click to ad space on your page. It can also be used in conjunction with Google AdSense, maximizing your CTR and offering advertisers the possibility of showing their links in your Google AdSense space. You have full control over the look and feel of your adds and finally, you get an incredible 75% of what the advertiser pays for on every click.

So, if for some reason you cannot use adsense on your site do not dispair, there are many alternatives to turn to in order to generate additional income from your website. as you can see from the list above there are many offers for this kind of advertising, and many hybrids based on AdSense like advertising. Also, a lot of services can work together with AdSense to earn you an even greater amount of revenue for your ad space.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

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Success on Adsense - –5 Quick Tips

 Success on Adsense - –5 Quick Tips

As you use Google's AdSense more and more over time you begin to learn from the mistakes of the past, and you slowly begin to realize which of your actions kept your site from reaching its full potential.

But an important part to making a mistake is telling people about it and teaching them how to avoid making the same mistake. So this is a list of the top five mistakes people using AdSense make.

You should read them well, and see if any of them is applicable to your contents. If it is, you must stop and attempt to fix such errors as quickly as possible.

The first major no-no that everyone seems to be hitting at one point or another has to do with breaking the rules. Google's AdSense is a great program but it relies on you respecting a few set rules.

The most important thing is not to create "artificial clicks" through any means possible. Never click your own links, never ask your friends or close ones to click the links and never, by any means have your content encouraging the visitors to click the links. You run the risk of being permanently banned, and that will definitely damage your revenue.

Failing to comply with Google's terms could have your AdSense account suspended. And this is why this rule is by all means the most important one of all. It's because this is the difference between life or death.

The second thing users get wrong a lot of time is having a bad color palette for ads. Many times this happens because the publishers aren't knowledgeable enough to change default color palettes.

Others just can't seem to spend enough time in changing those defaults. Having bad ads that stand out is sure to push people away from clicking; whilst having something which is clearly visible yet distinctive will.

Third, of course, the position of the ads is probably the key element you should get right if you want to maximize your profits with AdSense. This is noted in a lot of places on the web and Google talks about this as well. Google can provide you with statistics which illustrate what positions work particularly well on your website.

Fourthly, banner ads are also a very bad idea if you're using AdSense. 480x60 type ads are a sure way to drive many people away as most Internet surfers have developed a natural resistance to such means of advertising.

And last, but clearly not least, is not taking care of the site running the ads. Because ultimately it doesn't matter how cool the site is itself. If it doesn't have updated contents and a lot of daily visitors it will probably never earn you any serious AdSense revenues.

So these are the most important five things people get wrong while using the AdSense program. But of course if you don't like this means of expressing the issues, here are the top five things you should do to ensure your AdSense ads are constantly bringing in that revenue.

Never break Google's policy. Don't make visitors create "artificial clicks" on your website regardless of the person doing so or the reason. Make sure your ads have the right colors that blend in with your site, and make sure they're positioned in the right places to attract as many customers as possible. Always try to avoid using banner-like (480x60) adds unless you really know what you're doing and constantly keep your site fresh and up to date.

So with that in mind you should be raising your AdSense revenues in no time.

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Your Questions About Adsense Alternatives For Blogger

 Your Questions About Adsense Alternatives For Blogger

Mary asks…

Got banned from Google Ads,can I now use another Gmail account with the new site with the same home n IP add?

I just got my Blogger website banned for having invalid clicks, having Adsense ads on it. I want to make another account from the same home address, same IP address, another Gmail account and another Blogger website. Can I do that? If No, what should I do? And what are the other easy alternatives for earning money online?

admin answers:

No it won't work they will find out and you will get banned again. There are alternatives for AdSense like Adbrite but none pay same like AdSense.

But you try affiliates or referrals programs. Referral programs normally pay up to 30% from your referrals earnings ( not from their money buy from ad networks money)


David asks…

How would someone start an online business?

If someone wrote an e-book, made music, or directed indie shorts/movies, and wanted a domain name website and way to sell copies of these things they made, how would they go about that?

And could they do it under the following conditions?
1.) Putting in almost no cash to make the website,
2.) Not using Paypal OR credit cards to sell the items, and
3.) Starting up as just one person with no help.

admin answers:

One method of making money online is to publish high quality we articles and then generate revenue through advertising networks such as the Google Adsense program (or the many other alternatives).

A website can be made for little more than the cost of a domain name (or for free if you host it on a free site (such as blogger.com) and using their hosting and a subdomain.

If you want to SELL something, I don't understand why you would not want to use PayPal. Sure, you could request that people send you cheques of money orders, but why would you just not use a payment gateway such as PayPal?

Richard asks…

Need a adsense alternative for my blog?

Well, i'm getting 1000page views per day for my blog and its only 4months old. I'm interested to choose a ad network to earn. When i searched online i'm getting the old articles written 2008 about some networks which is not true now. Suggest a ad network which accepts my blogger blog with a good cost per click or cost per view.

admin answers:

Adwager - http://adwager.com/
Adbrite - http://www.adbrite.com/
Bidvertisor - http://www.bidvertiser.com/
Chitika - http://chitika.com/
Clicksor - http://www.clicksor.com/
Tribal Fusion - http://www.tribalfusion.com/

William asks…

Online marketing job lets you work anywhere @ anytime you want. How do we do this actually?

admin answers:

It refers to the it refers to the promotion of a blog or website and it is done in the following manner

I have created a list of 101 tips which i have learned from blogging. I am sure there are more than just these 101 tips but currently this is what i can remember and i am going to share with you guys..
2.Get yourself a Blog Platform (Free Host/Paid Host)
3.Get a Easy to Remember Domain Name (Free Host/Paid Host)
4.Research and Blog about a Niche that you Love
5.Blog about the Niche Till you Die and Never Give Up
6.Remove rel="nofollow" on your Comments
7.Create your Favicon to give that Personal Touch
8.Give a SEO Tweak on your Title Tags
9.Setup your Blog with Akismet Spammer (only wordpress)
10.To have an About & Contact Page on your Blog
11.Put a Photo of Yourself on your Blog
12.Create your Own 'Advertise' Page
13.Provide an Alternative Way to Contact you (eg. MSN, skype)
14.Accept Interviews from Bloggers
15.Request Interviews from Bloggers
16.Insert Meta Keywords
17.Insert Meta Description
18.Use Visible Colours
19.Backup your Blog
20.Tweak your Blog as and When Possible
21.Don't Clutter your SideBar with too many Widgets
22.Do Donations on other Blogs
23.Participate and actively post on Forums
24.Submit your Blog to Web Directories
25.Rewrite Post that you have Written and Submit to Article Directories
26.Release your Reports or ebook on Free Press Release Sites
27.Learn How to Write Magnetic Headlines
28.Write a Beginners Guide to Blogging
29.Write 5 Pillar Articles to Start Off
30.Write Lists of (Top 10, How to,Tutorial Guide)
31.Write Short but Witty Post
32.Write on What Works for You and Share
33.Talk about Yourself Once in a While
34.Make Sure you have a List of webmaster Tools to Optimize your Blog
35.Learn to Reschedule and Write like a reporter on Latest News
36.Be the First in a Topic not Written Yet
37.Learn to Monetize your Blog in Every Way
38.Create Intelligent Blog Ads
39.Experiment with a List of Ads
40.Commonly used Google Adsense
41.Pick only the Most Effective Ads
42.Don't use Popup and Pop Under Ads
43.Position Them Effective so They Don't digust your readers
44.Create Value in Your Post
45.Use Effective Sub Heading
46.Rewrite your Articles once in a While for the New Readers
47.Write with Simple English
48.Pose Questions to your Readers
49.Post articles on Weekdays, more readers
50.Continue to Post on Weekends cause there are readers around
51.Don't forget about your font, you may have elderly reading your post
52.Throw in a Picture or Two in Your Post
53.Post your Best Article on Blog Carnival
54.Learn to Write in one Breath without Stopping
55.Learn to Become an Expert in your Field
56.Read SeoBook for more Seo Tips
57.Provide Real Report Stats
58.Provide a Section for Your Popular Posts
59.Motivate Yourself to Post Daily
60.Have a List of Blogroll that you always read Daily
61.Give Credits to Photos or Quotes you Used
62.Allow a list of Social Media for your Readers to Share Article with others
63.Change your Default Template with 3,000 free templates
64.Purchase a Unique Design or Design it Yourself
65.Post Comments on Other Blogs
66.Reply After Each Comment is Made by your Readers
67.Give a Private Mail to other Blogger
68.Learn to do Joint Venture or partnership with others
69.Read not only your category of blogger but others as well
70.Learn to Disagree with other Bloggers and Write your Views
71.Backfire your Favorite Bloggers and Dare him/her to link Back
72.Write Post That Are For Link Baiting
73.Build Strong Link with other Bloggers
74.Learn to Link to Powerful Blogger's Post
75.Learn to Write and Create your First ebook
76.Have your First Contest Up and Running
77.Try and look for Sponsors and not Forking out your Cash
78.Join other Blogger Contest Promotion
79.Submit Your Blog to Alexa to Rank You
80.Get your Blog Instantly Indexed on Google
81.Claim your Blog on Technorati
82.Join Social Blog Network (MyBlogLog/Blogcatalog)
83.Release Contest or Freebies you have to your Fans
84.Submit & Bookmark your Articles on (Stumbleupon,Digg,Del.icio.us,Reddit)
85.Ping your Blog after each Post (Pingoat,Pingomatic)
86.Setup your Rss Feed with FeedBurner
87.Get Email Feed
88.Get Full Rss Feed
89.Encourage your Readers to Subscribe to your Full Feed
90.Learn to Enjoy What i am Doing
91.Offer your Free Services to Newbies Eager to start a Blog
92.Offer Consultations on a Certain Niche you are an Expert on
93.Use Google Analytics to Gauge your Traffic
94.Listen to Others when i have made a Mistake
95.Test myself to the Limit by Knowing What SEO is all About
96.Successful Blogs can be Copied for their success but not Their Style
97.Brag a little on What you are Good at Around
98.Make People Feel Comfortable with you
99.Learn to be

Joseph asks…

What Free Sites or really good Paid Sites Would Be Good for Advertising Holistic Pet Food On?

I currently distribute two holistic pet foods both test for Melamine. Neither product contains Chemicals, preservatives, by-products or fillers. Made in the US at USDA certified plants. Both products exceed the requirements set by the FDA. Both products are awesome with great results. Both are totally safe and heatlhy neither one has every had a recall and they are the same price as Science Diet, Iams and other like brands, but twice the product. Any ideas what FREE sites or really good PAID sites that I could advertise these on? Please try to provide me with both types of sites but let me know which is which. Thanks!

admin answers:

There are many places to advertise for free, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

There are pet specific sites and bulletin boards that will let you post free ads. You can find many more by searching for something like "pet care classified ads", but here are a few to get you started:




You can also advertise free on any number of general interest classified sites, such as:





If you're looking to pay to advertise online, Cost Per Click advertising is probably going to be the most cost effective, and the easiest way to reach a wide range of customers in your target market. The main players here are:



An even cheaper alternative might be to send free samples of your products to bloggers and webmasters who focus on pet care, along with a nice letter telling them about your product and asking them to review it on their site if they like it. (be polite and don't make ANY demands). It's easy to find bloggers who focus on dogs or cats, just search for things like "dog blog". There's also a list of pet related blogs here: http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/pets

Getting just a few blogs to mention your product favorably could introduce you to a wealth of new potential customers. It's a cheap alternative to regular advertising that's worth considering.

Good Luck

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JPMorgan's 'TwitterTakeover' Turns Into PR Nightmare




JPMorgan is reportedly considering banning its employees from Wall Street chat services because of the unsavory stuff that can be said there. After Wednesday, the bank may want to steer clear of public chat areas, too.

Smarting, perhaps, from the barrage of government investigations into its activities — eight from the Department of Justice alone — JPMorgan took to Twitter on Nov. 6 to declare an upbeat “#TwitterTakeover”:

It’s a #TwitterTakeover: We'll host our 1st live Q&A on leadership & career advice w/a leading $JPM exec on 11/14. Use #AskJPM to submit a Q

— J.P. Morgan (@jpmorgan) November 6, 2013

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